What is executive coaching? Conversational Learning Tango

“Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes which transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing business results and performance.”Jeremy Robinson, working definition of executive coaching

Executive Coaching Training

Through a progression of inquiry, confidential dialogue, and thinking partnership, the coach serves in the reflective exploration journey to help the client examine and develop decision-making dynamics. The coach’s role is to pave the way for the client to experiment with new paths of thinking and being, explore , examine and change strongly held believes and behavior , and ultimately  commit to action plans  that help attain the client’s objectives.

Coaching is a unique opportunity for executives and leaders to achieve impressive results and fine-tune their development and leadership skills. A coach acts as a facilitator of sustainable growth: He strives to bring in an impressive set of tools, experiences, and perspectives to the targeted workplace and devise a customized and unique opportunity for leaders to integrate coaching conversations into managerial skill repertoires.

To set the analogy right, a coaching experience is as much a dance as it is a learning experience. Now imagine a tango! Just as the dancer sways his partner through the dancing floor with defined and strategic paces terminating in a unique and self-expressive dancing routine, an executive coach leads his client through the dance floor of a conversation culminating in an evocative learning and growing experience.

“Effective leadership coaching can happen on the dance floor of a conversation” John G Agno

Unmatched Executive Coaching Certification Program by CMA in New Zealand

Executive coaching certification program is an extensive coach training introduced to develop the sense of responsible leadership and thoughtful governance. This benefiting certification program ignites the prospects of future leadership which is meticulously taken care of at Coach Masters Academy. And to bring positive results throughout the process, it is highly advised to get trained under expert supervision of skilled professionals.

Coach Masters Academy is incepted with an objective to revolutionize the prospects of responsible leadership. And this is meticulously done with the help of executive coaching program introduced to help an individual excel as a professional coach in future. This certification course focuses on catering the diversified requisites of not just newbie as well as experienced coach aspirants. Executive coaching program is based on the concepts of transformational learning materialized through workshops, live campaigns, physical activities, etc.

Seeing such rising demand of professional coach training in New Zealand, a number of coach academies have come up in last few years. But what determines the longevity and success of such academies and their courses is the exclusivity. Only the ones serving distinguished coach training services can actually facilitate in getting credible and authenticate certifications.

Key benefits rendered from an ICF-certified executive coaching program are mentioned below:

Advanced learning processes

The eminent faculty employed at ICF-accredited coach certification academy work upon advanced learning methodologies to provide matchless training experience. They use finely organized training framework powered on theoretical as well as practical classes. This innovative approach practiced by professionals serves the requisites of both experienced executives, managers along with newbie coach aspirants.


Most of the enrollers to these certification courses go with the options of choosing academies offering executive coaching program at nominal fee. This sometime risks the quality of training and its credibility, so it is better to get associated with an organization like coach masters academy to get affordable yet credible and qualitative coach training facilities in New Zealand.

Extensive certification

Executive coaching certification programs aims at building the leadership skills within an individual which helps them become an inspiring leader in future.  The training majorly focuses on leveraging the overall personality development of an individual’s personality.

Last but not least, the executive coaching program offered to the aspiring coaches in New Zealand is par excellent. And which is introduced to catalyze the process of developing remarkable and responsible leaders for sustainable future.

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