ICF Approved Coach Training in Colombo

21 - 24 Feb 2017, Colombo

Your Pathway to Become a Certified Transformational Coach

?75 hours Coaching Training Program approved by International Coach Federation facilitated by Master Certified Coach (MCC) with international standing. Post-training support provided by local Professional ICF Credential Coach.


Our unique coach training program aims to develop skilful excellence and mastery. We are different from other programs in that we believe in supervised practical training that enables the individual to acquire and master the set of skills, attitudes and competencies necessary in order to become truly professional coaches, leaders and managers. We believe in moving beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts under good supervision by experienced coaches so that skills are systematically and progressively mastered.

ICF Approved Coach Training in Mumbi ICF Approved Coach Training in India ICF Approved Coach Training in Mumbi



A commitment to sustainability is at the core of our coach training. Achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning, this differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach more useful in trouble-shooting and problem solving. Using a revolutionary approach to delivering sustainable change Coach Masters Academy has developed a proprietary coaching technology: Awareness-Clarity-Choice (ACC) Conversation that integrates the science of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. This unique framework applies advances adult learning theories that are empirically supported and that have shown to produce positive results in key domains like personal and work relationships. 

Hear what some of our graduates shared about the the science and art of transformative coaching and what they appreciated the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation. It is a transformative journey that changes the way they look at coaching and how they do coaching.

Watch the sneak preview for the 4 Day In-Person Training and experience the excitement and highly interactive learning experience faciliated by Ben Koh - ICF Master Certified Coach with more than 17 years of cross-cultural leadership training experience across the globe. 

Transformative Coaching is not only for those aspiring to become professional leadership coaches but also for managers and executives wanting to develop a ‘Coaching Management Style’.  Our training offers a unique opportunity for leaders to implement authentic and powerful coaching mechanisms within their organisations. Coaching conversations enable leaders to unleash untapped potential, challenge limiting behaviours, formulate clearly defined goals and devise specific action plans to achieve success. 


How coaching can add-value to your organization?

International Personal Management Association in US reported that training accompanied by coaching improve performance by 88% rather than just training alone which improves performance by only 22%. It was also reported by Geoff Hinsley Study that investment in coaching was below training expenses with a higher return. There is increasing evidence that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance. A study of Executive working in the Fortune 1000 companies reported increased in the following from the coaching they received:

Value of Coaching

The same survey reported that the individuals who received coaching experience improvement in the following:

Coaching is more than just a trends or new methodology; it offers us a powerful tool to inspire positive change. It is a special conversation that helps people to gain clarity on their current situation. It encourages learning by helping people to think through about the problem situation rather than being told what to do. It stimulates them to exercise personal leadership and taking initiative. It is about helping people realize what needs to be changed and provide them with the necessary support to experience change. 

This is perhaps one of the most important people-skill Mangers will need today. It will transform the way they engage and connect with people. It will provide them with tools to draw out the best in them and by leveraging on their strengths how they can create high performance team. Through the coaching process, people gain insight and acquire a vision for their lives. Armed with a personal vision of who they want to be, they then formulate clearly defined goals and devise specific action plans where they can intentionally steer their energy towards achieving them.


Upon completing this training, you will acquire the coaching skills to engage in a learning conversation that enables people to experience a powerful shift in their thinking. You will accelerate your coaching competencies at an advanced level because the training standard delivered and benchmarked is at a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential level deisgnated only for proven coach.


Our Success Stories

"The conversations I have with other people are no longer the same. I have shifted from solution-focused to client-focused in my conversation with people and begin my journey of impacting life. Coach Masters Academy maintains a high standard in the delivery with useful materials, impactful videos, and lots of opportunities for reflection and practical sessions. The learning through listening to coaching conversation followed by the discussion in the forum is very enriching. The academy also provides a good platform for post-course learning where the Supervsior across the globe supports us sharing their experiences with us." Elvin Tay, Senior Learning Consultant. Singapore

" Ben has a very passionate way of expressing, sharing, coaching and training. His energy seems to be endless and he uses this in such a way that i felt energized every single minute. Besides this Ben is very knowledgable and skilled on any subject that came up. He is creative in his ways to inspire and empower others. He challenges you to keep improving, learning and growing. " Carollyn De Faria, Associate Senior Consultant. Netherland.

" The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation model is very simple and yet very powerful. I strongly believe that self awareness is key to transformation. This model links awareness, clarity and choice in a very natural way, allowing coaches to better navigate their coaching conversations. It has added more clarity on the differences between tactical vs. transformative coaching. " Vassilis Chantziaras, Consultant. London.



Seize this opportunity to be taught by Ben Koh, the only few Master Trainer who holds ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential - the highest coaching qualification for professional coaching. Ben is the Founder of Coach Masters Academy and the Creator of Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM) coaching framework. He is also a trained and certified Mentor Coach who had supported more than 800 Coaches in their professional development. 



this program is brought to you in partnership with TAS Smart Quest Pte Ltd based in Colombo


 Jayantha Fernando

 Director  of Smart Quest

 email: jayantha@coachmastersacademy.com or jayantha@smartquestconsult.com


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