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  1. 1st Practical Coaching Session - 28 Feb 2017

    What did I appreciate?
    I found the coach warm and inviting in her greeting and small talk.
    This created a warm connection between the parties and manifested itself in the clients easy laugh.
    I appreciated the coach being able to provide and hold space in which the client easily stepped into and shared his thoughts and feelings around what started out as his motivation in his work. In creating and holding space I believe the coach allowed the client to perform his own filtering ...
  2. My Reflections : 21st Nov 2016

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    Coachee's Topic : Plan for retirement
    Coach : Pet Freney
    Coachee : Helen Chan
    Facilitator : Elle Zhen ; Supervisor : Ben

    My Reflections
    1. Coach 1 and client connected well from the start of the conversation.
    2. Coach 1 summmarised the coachee's concerns well and I particularly like the questions which the coach asked the coachee :-
    a. What will the path look like for youy ? What important is this feeling ?
    b. The contributions,
  3. 10th Practical Coaching Session - 7th September

    [The coach demonstrated the ability to actively listen to the client. There was definitely a great deal of content provided by the client. The coach picked up on some key triggers and often checked in with the client to ensure she was hearing was accurate.
    The coach was calm and showed great presence, the pace of the session was suiting the client and creating the space for the client to explore their thoughts.
    There was some effective questioning, for example ‘Tell me more around ...
  4. 4th Practical Coaching Session - 6th September

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    I would just like to congratulate the coach and client for a great session. It's a brave thing to do in front of so many people, so thank you.

    I thought the Coach was extremely professional, warm and engaging. She did a great job of listening and summarising what the client was saying in order to clarify what was meaningful to the client. This meant there was a good flow in the conversation and I could see how it helped the client keep on track.

  5. Power of Noticing

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    Noticing. I read a book recently well several actually by ellen langer. she teaches on mindfulness. the opposite being mindlessness. she does not approach this subject from an eastern mindset perspective. she has never done yoga taichi or similar meditative disciplines. she teaches that mindfulness is simply taking the time to notice. to notice things around you to notice people to notice your thoughts and feelings. to do this is to bring you automatically into the present. How often do we travel
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