1st Practical 5 Nov 2015

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I would like to thank and acknowledge the Coach and Client for their courage being their first time, sharing and experiencing theirs and my learning with this Practical Coaching and Recording session.

I liked how the coach allowed the client a moment to be present before starting the session and also giving the client space to converse what the situation is. However I had noticed that the clients agenda had not been clarified to reaching what her outcome is for the session to move forward.

As the client conveyed her situation with how she felt and acknowledged how "uncomfortable" she was, deepened the coaches approach to curiosity!?. where the client had revealed the sense of feeling "rejected", which I applaud the coach for. Although now "rejected" could of been explore more, if being "rejected" could have been explored further this would have created a deeper insight into the client as oppose to the situation.

Overall a great session and learning thanking the Coach and Client.
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