9th Practical 26 Jan 2016

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Coach: Robert
Client: Evlyn

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What I like about this coaching session?

Coach 1
I enjoyed the presence and the calm of Coach 1 brought to the session.
The pace of the session was very comfortable and relaxing, it allowed the client to pause and reflect on her own search over the dilemma.

The Client has obviously struggle over her decision to continue to serve in the council.
The tension was over doing what she likes and her duty to serve in the council.

Coach 1 asked a good question "What would happen if you do nothing about it?"
It presupposes, if nothing is changed, what would happen? it was a good question as it directed the Client to think deeper about the dilemma she was in. It helped her to focus on the choice she had to make.

There was a opening in the conversation when Client elaborated on her personal satisfaction and her sense of duty and obligation to serve in the council.

Coach 2 asked the Client to choose between
1. what her heart is telling her and
2. what her logical mind is telling her to do.

It was good and it directed the Client to move forward overcome her hesitation and dilemma.

Another good , yet shocking question was the "Who must be murder". It was provocative question and it directed the Client to overcome the dilemma. it directed the Client to make a decision.

In sum, I enjoyed the coaching conversation and I have learnt powerful questioning in coaching conversation.
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