25th Cohort Bangkok Mar 2014


Hear what the 25th Cohort shared about their learning experiences with us.

Suttana Promsatawong

Suttana Promsatawong, Product Manager

This is my first time to attend the coaching program. This program make me feel like I can do even I’m a new on this area. I really love this program because it motivates me to practice my skills especially the practical coaching after the classroom learning. In most conventional certificate training, you will get a certificate at the end of the session but not with this program. You will receive your certificate after you have completed the practical and passed the final review. I think it’s a great idea because it set a high standard and you have to put in the effort to earn it. The Master Trainer, Ben is very energetic and you will never feel sleepy in these 4 days! I love the way he come to engage us in every sessions. The illustration, diagram, video and activities really help me to understand the process and how to ask the question.


Suttana Promsatawong

Chanasikarn Sangvut

The learning in these 4 Days challenges my ability because I always assume that I am already a good coach and no need to obtain a new set of learning. However, when I attended this program, it helps me expand my confidence and ability to be a better coach – one that does not judge others. The Master Trainer, Ben is a great coach! He has his own unique style, excellent at training delivery, smart, good sense of humor. I can feel and get the energy from him while he is teaching. He is a trainer with all time good high driving force from the beginning to the end. Most important he can help us to crystalize what he is teaching. I also enjoy the concept on the thinking process that focus on enhancing awareness for inner transformation. I really appreciate the use of powerful questions. The feedback from the peers is very helpful because it helps me to see the areas for improvement to be a professional coach.


19th Cohort Bangkok Oct 2014

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14th Cohort Bangkok Mar 2013

ICF Approved Coach Training Bangkok

Preview on 4 Days Core Training

Janat Blackmon, Head of Academic Foreign Department: "Ben is absolutely one of the best Trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. He expertly uses experiential learning activities to help learn the ideas quickly and be able to remember them. He really cares about helping people and is committed to helping people find their purpose and potential. I highly recommend him as a Master Coach and Trainer!"

Daphna Murvitz, Business Development Facilitator: Taking part in a training which was developed, managed and mastered by Ben Koh, is not just receiving a best of bread training program, but at the same time entering a process of Life Coaching, as an empowered and inspired client. Ben's extraordinary professional gift as trainer, is only a great addition to his professionalism, knowledge, shared experience and beautiful personality - all directed into pragmatically scaling up positive change and personal or corporate development. He teaches the theory while sharing with enthusiasm his vision of positive change; he offers the tools but mainly educates on the approach and the process; he trained us to become coaches but at the same time empowered our existing individual personality and professional resources. And all this, with the most smart and sensitive sense of humor. Even the highly experienced, seen-it-all executives, will certainly get their personal as well as professional high return from any training, coaching and friendship of Ben Koh."

Hear what the 14th Cohort shared about their learning experiences with us