Jun 2016

Inside-Out Coaching Approach

Whether it comes easily or reluctantly, change is a fundamental requirement for success in today’s volatile and unpredictable business world. In this live webinar, we will share with you insights on how to enable sustainable change that are based on empirical science and validated from real-life coaching experiences. You can expect to walk away with the following learning ouctomes:

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Here you find an archival of webinars we had hosted.

14 Apr 2016

Unleashing Your Potential through Transformative Coaching: Understanding how Transformative Coaching brings you a greater results for your clients.


28 Sep 2015

Program Preview to Transformative Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to enable Sustainable Change. Discover what is transformative coaching, what is the difference from conventional coaching approach that focus on goal setting and goal achieving and how it enable sustainable change through heightening awareness and deepening the learning. Most importantly, how this program can benefit you and your organization.


4 Sep 2015, 9:00PM SINGAPORE TIME

Requirement to Complete 75hrs Transformative Coaching Training


25 Aug 2015, 8.00PM SINGAPORE TIME

Transformation comes from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answers. by Peter Block - author of the bestsellers "Stewardship & Flawless Consulting"

Too often when a discussion is dominated by question of “HOW” we risk overvaluing what is practical and doable and postpone the question of larger purpose. With the question “HOW” we risk aspiring to goals that are defined by our circumstance at the expense of purpose and intentions that arise from within ourselves. Great leaders who inspire others to take action start with “WHY” and not a “HOW” question.

This webinar will clearly explain why the conventional, directive “Telling” style that focus on addressing the situational context often lacks the power to effect change that is enduring. Most importantly, you will gain valuable and practical insights on how a transformative approach – evocative style that invoke learning is far more effective.


Coaching is a process that enable learning to occur by empowering people to think from a different perspective and to achieve more from the depth of their being, and this improving performance. In this webinar, Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach and an Engagement and Leadership Transformation Coach shared the key to create sustainable change is to encourage learning while doing the change. 


How coaching raise the bar of performance?

26 Sep 2013, 2030hrs Singapore Time

Coaching is the catch phase of corporate business in the 21st century. It is a powerful tool for developing employee performance. How exactly does it works? Most importantly, how can you integrate coaching as part of your managerial role to raise the bar of performance? In this month webinar, we offer you a solid foundation on what performance coaching is and how it can be catalyst for performance improvement. We have invited leading professional coaches in Asia to share their valuable insights on how corporate managers can optimized the value of coaching for performance enhancement. Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach will talk about the difference between Managing by directing to Leading by Coaching at the closing note.