About Us

About Us

Coach Masters Academy was established with a vision to inspire positive change through the mastery of coaching.

We are committed to deliver the highest standard of coach training because the realization of our vision depends on the mastery of skills. Our program includes post training as part of the continual professional development to support our coaches to hone their skills after they have completed the training.

about us

We are committed to help our coaches to achieve sustainable results for their clients. This is because your success as a coach in supporting your clients to realise their goals is our success. We use an unique combination of theoretical understanding and actual skill to effect transformational change.


Your journey towards mastering coaching begins with us.


As a Certified Coach, you become an agent for positive change with the transformational tool of coaching. Our proprietary programs are geared towards success with empirically-based models for coaching, and are supported by the science of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology. Our unique approach goes deeper to help clients take ownership of their learning to enable sustainable positive change.


Together in partnership with our coaching alliances, Coach Masters Academy is arguably the preferred coach academy serving you in more than 18 countries and 24 cities and we are still ever expanding.


More than offering our graduates with the highest standard of coaching certificate, it is our vision to empower you to be a positive change agent with the transformational tool of coaching.


Change Do you dare to believe it?