Coach Masters Academy was established with a vision to inspire positive change through the mastery of coaching. We are present in 5 different continents with a global faculty team of 40 active members. We are committed to deliver the highest standard of coach training that prepare coaches and leaders to enable change that is deep and sustainable.

Coach Masters Academy your Preferred Choice

Employing an evidence-based approach to effect authentic change

We are indisputably at the forefront of transformative coaching worldwide and we are constantly experimenting, exploring and expanding the science to enable change that is deep and sustainable in nature. Our proprietary coaching framework - Awareness Clarity Choice Conversation™ that has been taught world-wide integrates various disciplines of science to effect positive change.

Advanced Adult Learning Theory that offers deep insight into how people perceive their world and what kind of stories they are telling themselves.


Positive Psychology that offers you the understanding on what fuels the mind with positivity and empowers it to be resourceful and creative.


Transpersonal Psychology that offers you solid grounding to develops self-awareness toward generative wholeness.


Expect to deliver impactful results

Helping your clients to experience sustainable result(s) is at the core of our coach training. We achieve this through a well-thought through comprehensive, structured instructional design coupled with close supervision to accelerate your learning capacity at the mastery level. Using advanced learning management application you can easily access to-a library of resources enabling you to monitor and track your learning progress.

Global Learning Experience

Coaching is a global phenomenon and through our global learning platform it will prepare and positions you as a global citizen. You can expect to experience a rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning and connect with our coaches across the globe. These interactions allow you to be collaborative, embrace difference and express yourself in a constructive way.

Expansive Continuous Professional Development

Professional Coaching is a life-long learning journey where coaches are committed to hone their skills in service to help their clients to experience positive change. We understand the importance of professional development and that is why we offer extensive continual development programs through our monthly learning webinars and live coaching demonstration to keep coaches abreast of current trends and sharpen their skills. In partnership with Asia Pacific Association of Coaches (APAC) our coaches can earn Continual Coach Education (CCE) units that works towards the renewal of their credential.

Equipped to build a thriving coaching practice

Effective coaching skills will help you become a master coach, however you will also need the complementary skills of setting up a coaching business.

Making a Positive Difference

You will also have the opportunity to give back through our SAY Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization to offer pro-bono coaching. This will build your coaching experience and hours which you need for coach certification.

We are committed to help our coaches to achieve sustainable results for their clients. This is because your success as a coach in supporting your clients to realise their goals is our success. We use a unique combination of theoretical understanding and actual skill to effect transformational change.

Our Achievement Since 2013

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Your journey towards mastering coaching begins with us.

Our Client Says

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We use a unique combination of theoretical understanding and actual skill to effect transformational change. It has been delivered globally and is recognized as one of the most rigorous in the industry. Your journey towards mastering coaching begins with us.


Achieve personal mastery and globally recognized professional coach certification.


Integrate coaching skills as part of your managerial role to improve work engagement.


Accelerate your team and leader’s effectiveness and efficiency for optimal performance.

As a Certified Coach, you become an agent for positive change with the transformational tool of coaching. Our proprietary programs are geared towards success with empirically-based models for coaching, and are supported by the science of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology. Our unique approach goes deeper to help clients take ownership of their learning to enable sustainable positive change.

Together in partnership with our coaching alliances, Coach Masters Academy is arguably the preferred coach academy serving you in more than 18 countries and 24 cities and we are still ever expanding.



It is more than offering our graduates with (delete) the highest standard of coaching certificate, it is our vision to empower you to be a positive change agent with the transformational tool of coaching.