Advance Training for Mastery Coaching


Training Format: Online Platform I 1st Intake: Jul 2019


Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM) this 2nd Level training expands your competencies to hold the creative space during the coaching process to create change that is adaptive in nature. Most importantly, you will have the tools for ongoing development to deepen your coaching skills and awareness. With the accountability of your peers across the globe, you will gain a better understanding of your own journey to coaching mastery.


How is the program designed and structured?

This is a leading program to earn an ACTP certification where you can apply for the PCC Credential via PCC ACTP. It comprises of  five components targeting different learning.



who are the facilitators for the training?
You will be guided step by step by Master Coaches. Only our ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC) with active coaching practices will deliver this training program meaning you will have the best training available, in both knowledge and practical application. 


Amoráh Ross is esteemed as the Master of Master Coaches. She has built her successful coaching career since 1997. As a Transformative Coach, she works with individual clients and groups interested in successfully navigating personal and professional transition points. She also revels in mentoring emerging and evolving coaches so that their skill level in the artistry of coaching is enhanced and expanded. She currently serves on ICF's Global Standards Core Team as well as volunteering as an ICF Portfolio Applicant Credentialing Assessor since 2005.


Molly Gordon had obtained her MCC in 2003. She is known for her creativity, humor, and commitment to helping clients get off the merry-go-round of serial self-improvement and into the slipstream of infinite possibility. Trained as a Certified Mentor Coach, she’s also studied Embodied Intelligence, Process Work, and the Three Principles. Since leading her first workshop at the 1998 ICF Conference in Orland, Florida, she’s presented at numerous regional and international coaching conferences. Molly has designed and developed numerous courses including Authentic Promotion, Authentic Wealth, and The Empowerment Dynamic for Coaches. 


Dr. Ben Koh has personally supported more than 800 coaches across the globe in their professional development. They have accelerated their coaching competencies through his unique mentor program. Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he empowers leaders to lead from an inside-out approach by helping them to sort out their thinking, aligning their intention with their action and holding them accountable to their decision.


In additional, you will be supported and mentored by our global Faculty Team during the Practical Lab and Supervised Practical Coaching.