Advance Training for Mastery Coaching

Advance Training for Mastery Coaching

Designed specially for coaches applying for PCC and MCC Credential

Format: Interactive Online Learning I 2017I 2018 Intake starting 4 Dec 2017


All too often our authenticity and potential are obscured by our conditioning - limiting beliefs, distorted perspectives and reactive feelings can fuel a sense of struggle and prevent us from being who we really are. For sustainable transformation to occur, a deep level of awareness is necessary in order for profound and radical change to take place. The process to this awareness honors what is, while reaching deep within to find what is emerging, allowing an individual to have a new perspective and experience a different reality. It challenges our beliefs and ways of thinking. 

Regardless of where you are in your coaching development, this Advanced Training for Mastery Coaching will give you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. It will challenge you to stretch beyond “doing” coaching as learned techniques to embracing mastery coaching as an art where you will learn to co-create the desired change with your clients. In this rich learning environment you will learn to trust inner coach’s compass guided by your intuition and perception. With practical techniques you will learn how to access your pathway to your own inner wisdom to be more effective as a coach and increase your coaching impact. 

Your Pathway to Deep Transformation

Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation, a proprietary coaching framework developed by Coach Masters Academy to heighten the awareness and deepening the learning, Your Pathway To Deep Transformation will prepare you to enable sustainable change that is adaptive in nature. 

How does this Advanced Training support you in mastery coaching?

The most effective way to experience sustainable transformation (deep and lasting change) is from the inside out. This challenges coaches to develop a strong connection and grounded presence with their clients in order to draw out the from within. A scared moment, this is a place of awakening and growth where a client can gain access to their innate capacity to live an authentic life in which they are emotionally engaged, courageous and empowered. 

Designed for advanced development, you will learn how the transformative moments unfold and deepen the learning for clients, and you will learn to facilitate and navigate a dynamic coaching process that invites change. 

This framework is built on the three cornerstones of transformative coaching where you acquire the skills to co-create authentic change with your clients using an evocative coaching style.

Upon completing this interactive learning, you will have the tools for ongoing development to deepen your coaching skills and awareness. With the accountability of your peers, you will gain a better understanding of your own journey to coaching mastery. In this rich learning environment you will discover how to trust your inner coach’s compass guided by your intuition and perception. You will learn practical techniques to access your own inner wisdom enabling you to be more effective as a coach.

This leading program will earn you an ACTP accredited coach training certification where you can apply for ICF PCC Credential via the direct route, providing you have already completed a minimum of 75 hours of coach training.

Podcast: In Conversation with our graduates sharing their learning experiences.


Program Structure

Designed to accelerate your skills to mastery level, the Advanced Training for Mastery Coaching comprises four pillars targeting different learning.


Virtual Classroom Learning
The primary method for delivering the theoretical framework for this training is through the web-based videoconference application Zoom. The virtual classroom learning will comprises of four Modules. 
Practical Labs [ Integrating PCC Markers in Advance Training ]
The practical lab provides you with an opportunity to preview samples of recorded coaching conversations. Using a structured framework, you will observe how the theories are being applied, then through a series of interactive discussions and debriefings you will gain a sense of “what to create” in your coaching conversation, and understand how the benchmark for PCC is being demonstrated.
Peer to Peer Coaching
You will have the opportunity to integrate your learning and practice your skills a safe learning environment with your peers, supported by Student Mentors who are graduates from the academy. This platform will provide you with rich interaction and learning from the diverse backgrounds and cultures within the group.
Supervised Practical Coaching
The purpose of supervised practical coaching is to integrate your classroom learning into real-life situations. This learning is two-fold, you demonstrate coaching at the advanced level, and you gain a complete understanding of the PCC marker. These practical coaching sessions will be conducted via an online platform. This is one of the most effective ways to isolate other modalities and to assess the participant’s learning whilst improving listening skills. Students experience significant improvements in their coaching skills in the latter part of the face-to-face coaching sessions.

Master Trainer for the Virtual Classroom Learning

As a student of Your Pathway Towards Deep Transformation you will be guided step by step by master coaches. Only our ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC) with active coaching practices will deliver this training program meaning you will have the best training available, in both knowledge and practical application. 

Molly Gordon Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Amoráh Ross is esteemed as the Master of Master Coaches. She has built her successful coaching career since 1997. As a Transformative Coach, she works with individual clients and groups interested in successfully navigating personal and professional transition points. She also revels in mentoring emerging and evolving coaches so that their skill level in the artistry of coaching is enhanced and expanded. She currently serves on ICF's Global Standards Core Team as well as volunteering as an ICF Portfolio Applicant Credentialing Assessor since 2005.

Molly Gordon had obtained her MCC in 2003. She is known for her creativity, humor, and commitment to helping clients get off the merry-go-round of serial self-improvement and into the slipstream of infinite possibility. Trained as a Certified Mentor Coach, she’s also studied Embodied Intelligence, Process Work, and the Three Principles. Since leading her first workshop at the 1998 ICF Conference in Orland, Florida, she’s presented at numerous regional and international coaching conferences. Molly has designed and developed numerous courses including Authentic Promotion, Authentic Wealth, and The Empowerment Dynamic for Coaches. 

Ben Koh has personally supported more than 800 coaches across the globe in their professional development. They have accelerated their coaching competencies through his unique mentor program. Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he empowers leaders to lead from an inside-out approach by helping them to sort out their thinking, aligning their intention with their action and holding them accountable to their decision.



Coaches are life-long learners with a consistent commitment to further their individual personal and professional development.  It is through this commitment that professional coaches increase the ways in which they serve clients. Email us to arrange for an appointment to assess the suitability of this program.

Synopsis for the Virtual Classroom Learning

Module 1: Transformative Dynamic 

At the core of this module rests the idea that it is important to nurture thinking and make it visible. We will examine the role of intuition and perception and provide each participant with an opportunity to explore the coaching process more deeply. From  the perspective of learning this enables both the coach and the client to become intentional and masterful learners. Using our proprietary coaching framework, participants will develop an advanced competence in attending and responding in the moment. This response to the client's language uncovers how meaning is constructed and it is this emerging understanding that enables positive and sustainable change. 

Module 2: Personal Mastery

Authentic Presence I Deep Listening I Evocative Asking

Authentic Presence: Cultivating an authentic presence is at the core of transformative coaching. By directing our awareness inwards to focus on the present moment we become more aware of disempowering thoughts. This state of being allows us to suspend our agendas and judgments and witness the experience as it unfolds.

Deep Listening: Learning to listen, really listen, requires sacred practice and is the most vital coaching skill offering an unlimited potential for improvement. You will learn about, and experience, listening as a multi-sensory capacity that goes beyond processing auditory input. You will be guided through the practices of deep listening and most importantly, this will heighten your awareness and sensitivity to future opportunities for deep listening. This session you will learn to:

  • Experience listening as a multi-sensory capacity
  • Identify your barriers to deepening your own listening
  • Recognize opportunities for your own listening to develop
  • Appreciate the potential of listening with nothing on your mind

Module 3: Facilitating Clarity using Clean Language & Metaphorical Language 

As your client’s attention shifts from their everyday experiences into their symbolic world, they will naturally ease into a mindful, inner-focused state where their conscious and subconscious minds communicate through metaphor. The Clean and Metaphorical Language process is a technique designed to enable clients to discover more about their inner world and how they construct meaning. A powerful and organic way to extract understanding, your clients will become aware of what they currently know and discover new things they do not already consciously know. It will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the power of clean language metaphor and to practice specific ways to use them effectively in the coaching conversation. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Build insight into the role of clean language and metaphor in structuring our subjective reality
  • Build advanced competencies in listening and client-centred questioning
  • Explore different uses of metaphors in coaching.
  • Practice a process for spoken metaphor exploration and transformation. 

Module 4: Creating Shift 

Embracing Shadows I Coaching for Emotions

Embracing Shadows: We are all a product of our learned behaviors imprinted on our subconscious mind, and is this that causes us to repeat patterns. These invisible ways of thinking are the underlying motivation for behaviors and are a rich resource for inviting change. This past experience can be the lens through which we can understand the present and shape the future. This module introduces and deepens your understanding for perceiving and transforming limitations that clients experience in their lives. Exploring the relationship between our past and present enables us to become liberated from habitual, ingrained behaviors. 

Coaching for Emotions: Emotions are an integral element of being humans. Our emotions serve as our ‘early warning system’ when our values are in danger of being compromised. As coaches we find ourselves faced with our client’s emotions and wonder how to or if it’s appropriate to deal with them in a coaching conversation. This session will address the following questions:

  • What are the signals that emotion is present and how do you invite it into the coaching conversation?
  • What does it take as a coach to weave the emotional element into a coaching conversation to heighten the client’s self-awareness?
  • What is your relationship with your own emotions as a coach?
  • What is your level of comfort, ease, and ability to be in and 'hold the space' for emotions to emerge and be explored?
  • What did you notice and/or learn about our topic, Coaching and Emotions from reviewing the MMC demo recording?