80 hours of Advanced Training for Mastery Coaching


All too often, our authenticity and potential are obscured by our conditioning - limiting beliefs, distorted perspectives, and reactive feelings can fuel a sense of struggle and prevent us from being who we are. Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation framework developed by Coach Masters Academy, the 2nd Level Advanced Training will prepare you to enable sustainable change that is adaptive.

Accelerate Your Competency to create a more meaningful and deeper conversation

You will have the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to stretch beyond the learned techniques and science of coaching to embrace mastery coaching as an art. From this place, you can co-create authentic change with your clients. 


How does this advanced training support you in mastery coaching?


The most effective way to experience sustainable transformation (deep and lasting change) is from the inside out. This challenge coaches to develop a strong connection and grounded presence with their clients to draw from within. This is a scared moment, a place of awakening and growth in which clients can gain access to their innate capacity to live an authentic life in which they are emotionally engaged, courageous, and empowered.


Designed for advanced development, you will learn how transformative moments unfold and deepen the learning for clients. You will also learn to facilitate and navigate a dynamic coaching process that invites change.


Find out what our graduates say about how the training has accelerated their coaching competencies.




How this program is structured


Designed to accelerate your skills to mastery level, the Advanced Training for Mastery Coaching comprises four pillars of targeted learning, namely (1) Learning Lab, (2) Practical Lab, (3) Peer to Peer Practice, and (4) Supervised Practical Coaching.

    Learning Lab

    Module A: Co-Creating Authentic Change

    Nurture thinking and making it visible is at the core of this module. It examines how meaning is constructed in parts forming the whole. You will develop advanced competence in attending and responding at the moment and expanding your listening capacity.

    Module B: Personal Mastery

    This module lays the foundation for the work of creating profound transformation for the client. You will be guided through the practice of creating a shift and how to direct your awareness inwards to focus on the present moment. This state allows us to suspend our agendas and judgments and witness the experience as it unfolds. 

    Module C: Facilitating Clarity

    The clean and Metaphorical Language process enables clients to discover more about their inner world and how they construct meaning. It will allow participants to explore the power of clean language metaphors and practice specific ways to use them effectively in the coaching conversation.

    Practical Lab

    Using a structured framework, you will understand the benchmark to demonstrate your coaching competency at the PCC skillset. 

    Peer-to-Peer Practice

    You will have the opportunity to integrate your learning and practice your skills in a safe learning environment with your peers, supported by student mentors who graduate from the academy. This platform will provide you with rich interaction and learning from the diverse backgrounds and cultures within the group.

    Coaching Supervision

    Supervised practical coaching aims to integrate your classroom learning into real-life situations. This learning is two-fold; you demonstrate coaching at the advanced level and gain a complete understanding of the PCC marker. These practical coaching sessions will be conducted via an online platform. This is one of the most effective ways to isolate other modalities and assess the participant’s learning while improving listening skills. Students experience significant improvements in their coaching skills in the latter part of the face-to-face coaching sessions.



How does this advanced training support you in mastery coaching?

To complete the training and meet the ICF requirements, you will need to:
Complete the Pre-Course Reading Assignments
Maintain 70% attendance for the Learning and Practical Labs *
Attend 12 Supervised Practical Coaching
Complete 5 PCC Marker Assessments
Submit 2 Written Assignment – Reflection Paper and Research Paper 
Submit 2 Recording demonstrating PCC level of coaching
* For sessions you miss, you are required to preview the recording of the lesson and submit a brief learning summary of 500 words.