"Becoming" CMA Retreat 2023
Mapping Your Personal Journey towards Life Enhancing Leadership



Awareness is curative.
Our process of learning results from moments of introspection, either as a consequence of crisis or because we regularly practice contemplation.
When we reflect, we draw meaning and coherence from a stream of experience riddled with incoherence.
Slowly, the underlying theme emerges. 
Different pieces begin to fit into the overall picture. 
We transform our memory by looking at the past differently.
The value and meaning we have given to events and encounter change.
There we begin to hear a story that is uniquely ours. 
Awareness creates coherence.
When mindfulness grows, an appreciation of all components of experience grows.
We are to develop a new capacity to perceive reality more deeply.
When this happens, our identity shifts and develops.
Then, our contribution to the world is inspired from a place of freedom.
We do not disengage from the world - we become more responsive.


Program Schedule


26 Jan 2023

27 Jan 2023

28 Jan 2023

7am - 8am


Morning Group Meditation [ Optional ]

8am – 9am


9am – 12pm

Mapping Your Personal Journey Towards Life-Enhancing Leadership Part 1

Special Activity

Special Activity

12pm - 2pm


2pm – 5pm

Mapping Your Personal Journey Towards Life-Enhancing Leadership Part 2, 3 and 4

Mapping Your Personal Journey Towards Life-Enhancing Leadership
Part 1 Discovering Your Current Leadership Developmental Stage
Opportunist I Expert I Achiever I Transformer
Part 2 Discovering Your Personality Archetype
Part 3 & 4 Uncover Your Life-Enhancing Leadership
Life itself is a creation, a work in progress unfolding and revealing itself.
Learn how to tap into our generative source to lead a meaningful life in service of others and coaching for personal transformation.
Special Activity
1. Pottery Making
2. A Day at the Sea