Venture-Preneur: A Business Development Program designed by coaches to empower coaches with the knowledge, tools and capability you need to build a strong brand, a thriving business model, generate leads and grow sales.


Getting-Ready Package

This package is designed to help you journey into self-employment as a freelance with applicable tradeable skills, making use of your coaching skills as an added advantage.

You will learn how to manage the transition, think about life after formal employment, explore your fears and celebrations, and embrace the right attitude to move forward. You will identify the things that have shaped your values and beliefs, and how by having a great understanding of these, helps you map the desired future with a solid appreciation of who you are uniquely designed to be.

Kick-Start Program

So you’ve got the certification, now you need to get the clients. The problem is that they are not magically appearing on your doorstep. 

Learn how to position yourself so that you can deliver profound value to those you serve.


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