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3 Foundation Steps to Build Your Coaching Practice

Ms Sarah Devereaux, MCC and Director of Training for New Zealand & Australia shared 3 foundation step to build your coaching practice.

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Mastering Mindfulness in Coaching

By: Renee Hodgkinston, ICF ACC Credential Coach and CMA Program Director for Beijing. 

Renee explores how coaching and mindfulness can co-exist in theory and in practice and explores the impact it has on clients and coaches' coaching style.

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Value of Coaching

Here is the collection of short-saying on the value of coaching

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Classic Definition of what is Coaching

Here is a collection of classic definition of coaching by leading Professional Coaches

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Leading by Listening

The old paradigm that the leaders are supposed to tell their followers what and how to do things, is losing its plot in the modern era. The new leader understands that he has to harness the power and potential of the people and this is done by listening to them. Listening is an art which needs to be learnt and practised It is perhaps the most essential skill for a modern leader.

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Solution Focus rather than Problem Focus

When faced with multitudes of problems, do we just shrug and give up? Or are we going to do something about it? How many of us actually have colleagues who keep talking about problems more than solutions? Even if we help them come up with solutions, how do we actually help them to be more independent in solving their own problems.

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Accreditation gives public recognition to training institutions that meet certain standards. It is as close as you can get to a guarantee that an institution will provide the quality of education it claims to offer. It assures the student that the institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, qualified trainers, adequate facilities and equipment, effective recruitment and admission policies, and advertises its courses truthfully. In short, accredited programs are those that have met specific standards.

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Why Proper Accredition is Important for Professional Coaching?

Twelve years ago, the coaching profession was new. When I introduce myself as a coach people would usually ask, ‘for what sport?’ Now, profession coaching is an emerging career and people looking for a coach are far more likely to ask about certification, credentials and experience. Professional Coaches who have been trained by an accredited school and then credentialed through the International Coach Federation have achieved the highest standards the profession offers. They can be sure that they are bringing quality and excellence to their clients. The clients can be sure that their coach will adhere to the ethics and standards held by the ICF and maintain a professional relationship.

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Have the Courage to Ask

By: Marshall Goldsmith (To be published by the Leader to Leader Institute, 2005)

Peter Drucker has a great way with words. He distills meaningful concepts into short phrases more effectively than anyone I have ever met. I have had the privilege of being on the Board of the Drucker Foundation (and now the Leader to Leader Institute) for many years. At one of our early Drucker Foundation Board meetings, Peter observed, “The leader of the past knew how to tell, the leader of the future will know how to ask.”

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The growth of professional coaching worldwide generates a diverse understanding among coaching clients about what coaching is and what it isn’t. We believe that in order for clients to receive the full impact of coaching as defined by ICF, Coaches are required to take a stronger stance for the power of “pure” coaching.

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Tips for when to coach

Here are some practical tips for when to coach and how to deliver effective coaching engagement.

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Phil Sandahl, CPCC, is an international coach and coaching trainer with The Coaches Training Institute.

So what’s coaching and why is it becoming part of the mainstream? In its simplest form, coaching has emerged over the last 15 years or so because it assists people in getting where they want to go more efficiently and effectively and, in the process, they learn a new way to “travel.” Philip Sandahl shared how coaching empowers people in making better choice.

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