by Evan Spargo

Director of Training for Australia

“Mining” Your Hidden Gems in 2021

In this virtual retreat session, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the year that’s been and discover what precious gem you have been cultivating under stress, pain and challenge.


by Piamsook Sutthpreeda

Director of Training for Thailand

Choose Aliveness by Discovering Your “Ignition Key”

We often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere with low life energy while the task still needs to be accomplished. One of the keys to experiencing aliveness is to discover the energy source that fuels your life. This virtual retreat session helps you to identify your unique “Ignition Key”.



Consensual Communication

to be rescheduled to Jan 2022

“In the best conversations, you don't even remember what you talked about, only how it felt. It felt like we were in someplace your body can't visit, someplace with no ceiling and no walls and no floor and no instruments” John Green
This virtual retreat session invites you to take an inside out look at exploring consent in our daily lives and interactions. It is a call to be more self-aware, clear and intentional in your communication with others.


by Jo Lanigan

Director of Training for New Zealand

Take Off Your Mask

Many of us live behind our “public mask”. We don’t calculate the cost to maintain this “public mask” nor the energy drain of keeping it intact. In this virtual retreat session, you will also be invited to take off your mask and learn to connect to your authentic self.



Frances Strickland

Coach Supervisor

What is Your Story?

Stepping into a new empowering story will engage you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Indeed, your story is unfolding but is it what you expected? In this virtual retreat session, you are invited to reflect on the stories we are telling ourselves and we hope it will inspire you to write a more enlivening story.



Magda Tepoi

Director of Training for Romania

Sound of Freedom

We live in times that ask more than ever to rediscover our inner confidence and peace and enjoy the FREEDOM of being ourselves. In this interactive virtual retreat session, we will invite you to connect to your unique, authentic voice, to sing live and to enjoy the feeling of expressing who you are from within.



Let Us Celebrate by Azadeh Entezami I Director of Training for Iran

20 Dec 2021, 3pm Singapore OR 21 Dec 2021, 8pm Singapore 

“ There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate! ”Robert Breault
Join us for this virtual closing retreat to appreciate our journey and connect, exchange, and anchor our collective learnings as we step forward boldly into 2022.