Distinctiveness of Transformative Coaching

Distinctiveness of Transformative Coaching

Coaching has become the most sought after solution for talent-development strategy in many organizations, ensuring that high-potential employees and new leaders have the tools they need to rapidly adapt to their roles and assimilate into the organization’s unique culture. The increased demand for Professional Coaching undoubtedfully reflects a basic human desire for deep connection and reflection. One way to develop people and advance their potential is to offer them the right balance of challenge and support for growth. The question we are asking now is, what kind of coaching process will enable change that is sustainable.

Shaping the Industry - Professional Coaching is a service in which a trained coach helps people to clarify their goals and intention, work towards them and overcome obstacles to their realization. And to enable change that is sustainable it will require awareness and a thorough thinking process - it is not something we get at the click of a mouse. A Professional Coach guides individuals on this journey of learning where they deepen their understanding and walk away of greater clarity.



A commitment to achieve results that is sustainable for our clients is at the core of our coach training. Developed over many years, our proprietary transformative framework integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology to heighten awareness and deepen learning. This results in a powerful shift in thinking achieving sustainable results and improvement in performance. Providing a lens through which individuals make meaning, our transformative process will then guide the client to assess their value system and worldview giving them a new awareness and with it, the ability to make a different choice. 


Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation: Deep focused conversation that creates a shift in thinking

The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation uses reflective learning theories to question the integrity of deeply held assumptions and beliefs based on prior experience. Developed by our Founder - Dr Ben Koh, a Master Certified Coach ( MCC ), this process decodes client's unconscious belief giving a new awareness as the coaching conversation unfolds. This unique conversation offers a client an expanded space for self-discovery and learning by using emerging understanding to support them to make empowering choice in moving forward. 

You can preview this recorded coaching conversation by Dr Ben Koh, MCC with his client to have a sense of our evocative inside-out approach. This is a leadership transition coaching where Dr Ben has been engaged to support this client in her newly appointed position.



Client's Testimony: What I appreciated most about this conversation is the safe, open and expansive space provided by coach. It expanded my mind to uncover my inner felt need - a need for certainity - that is hidden behind my concern. This shift in my understanding is so refreshing and empowering and most importantly, it enabled me to move forward boldly to deal with the situation. 


Webinar: Understanding how Transformative Coaching provides greater results for your clients.



In Conversation with our Graduates

In this interview, Pratik Sridhar, graduate of 50th Cohort from New Zealand, Feb 2016 shares what he appreciates about the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation.


In Conversation with Lynne Hunt. Operating predominantly in the Wellbeing and Health Management sector, Lynne works with Corporate and Government clients to ensure optimum holistic health, performance and well-being. She is coaching people using the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation to change mindsets and shift lifelong, inhibiting thoughts and behaviors one conversation at a time.


In Conversation with Sandra Kelly. She is the Customer Services Team Leader at Cubro responsible for coaching, operational excellence, leadership, and driving a world-class service. In this interview, she appreciated the simplicity of the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation and the profound impact it had on leadership effectiveness and development.



Comprehensive Instructional Program

Developing mastery in coaching requires the acquisition of a set of skills, attitudes and competencies in order to become a true professional. Our demanding curriculum moves students beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts. With close supervision by experienced coaches, our coaching certification offers a process for coaching to be systematically and progressively mastered.

Recorded Session of a Supervised Practical Coaching


Each student gets 35 hours of Supervised Practical Coaching with helpful feedback and one to one mentoring session. Students then listen to the recorded conversation a second time, reflectiing on what they would do differently. This reflective learning process empoweres our students to continually improve to be of greater service to their clients.


As you pursue coach training, you want a program with high standard, proven methodology and worldwide recignitionCoach Masters Academy is indisputably at the forefront of Tranformative Coaching worldwide with more than 500 coaches each year across the globe completing their training, growing an increasing international alumni of coaches with many HR and Professional collegiate. 
  • Our certification program is highly comprehensive and it provides practice support for your professional development. 
  • The training is carefully facilitated by our team of experienced ICF Credentialed Coach Supervisors who are capable of meeting the learning needs of individuals from varied business and educational backgrounds. 

Upon completing this certificate training course, you will acquire the coaching skills to engage in a deep and focused conversation that enables people to experience powerful shift in their thinking.


Train with us today and accelerate your coaching competencies as a Certified Transformational Coach.