Distinctiveness of Transformative Coaching


Coaching has become the most sought after solution for talent-development strategy in many organizations, ensuring that high-potential employees and new leaders have the tools they need to rapidly adapt to their roles and assimilate into the organization’s unique culture. The increased demand for professional coaching undoubtedly reflects a basic human desire for deep connection and reflection. One way to develop people and advance their potential is to offer them the right balance of challenge and support for growth.

The question we are asking now is

what kind of coaching process will enable change that is sustainable.

Shaping the Industry


Professional coaching is a service in which a trained coach helps people to clarify their goals and intentions, work towards them, and overcome obstacles to their realization. To enable change that is sustainable requires awareness and a thorough thinking process - it is not something we get at the click of a mouse. A Professional Coach guides individuals on this journey of learning where they deepen their understanding and walk away with greater clarity. Watch the 90 seconds video explaining how our transformative coaching enables change that is deep and sustainable.




A Proven Methodology


The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is transformational because it questions the integrity of deeply held assumptions based on prior experiences. It gives people a fresh lens on how they construct and perceive their situation and through the transformative process guide them to assess their value system and worldview. It also offers people an expanded space for self-discovery and uses the emerging understanding that unfolds in the conversation to support them to make empowering choices in moving forward.


This is the testimony by Karen, HR Director.

What I appreciated most about this conversation is the safe, open, and expansive space provided by the coach. It expanded my mind to uncover my inner felt need - a need for certainty - that is hidden behind my concern. This shift in my understanding is so refreshing and empowering and most importantly, it enabled me to move forward boldly to deal with the situation. 

What is so unique about this coaching approach? I noticed that the coach helped me to get out of my logical thought process loop and actually right to the heart of the matter. The questions asked caused me to be very reflective instead of answering with "reason". I was able to realize new insights and also recognize connections between my own thoughts and my feelings. The process is so organic and powerful.

How is this coaching different from your past coaching experiences? I have had a few coaching sessions in the past and when comparing them to this session, I would now say that they are more of consulting types of coaching.  In those sessions, the coaching focuses more on the details and facts about my topic to create strategies to resolve the situation and I walked away with an "action plan", but not experiencing a true "transformation". This session has enabled me with insights that I could not have realized on my own and are far more impactful as they have changed the way I viewed my situation.

Our transformative coaching offers you a robust framework that can be applied in a wide and diverse context including coaching executives in workplace, leadership effectiveness and development and career related issues. It can also be used in life coaching for people seeking fulfillment, purpose, meaning and alignment.

Train with us today and accelerate your coaching competencies as a Certified Transformational Coach.