Achieve Personal Mastery and Obtain Professional Credential

Upon completing the coach training course, you will walk away with 75 hours of ICF approved coach training under the ASCTH accredited program. You will receive the certification as a Certified Professional Coach that qualify you to apply for the ICF Membership and/or Credential. * Most importantly, you will acquire the coaching competency to enable people experience powerful shift in their thinking.

What Makes Coach Masters Academy Your Preferred Choice


1st Intake: 6 - 8 Feb 2020 I 2nd Intake: 9 - 11 Apr 2020


What makes Coach Masters
Academy your preferred choice?

Coach Masters Academy is committed to delivering the highest standard of coaching training. With more than a thousand coaches and leaders completing their training with us across the globe each year, we offer a training package that includes:

Global Learning Platform

Immerse yourself in a global learrung experience and grow your international coaching network through our expanding alumni which spars across the globe.

  • Connect with coaches and leaders worldwide and develop a global coaching network for collaboration
  • Experience rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning and prepare yoursell as a global czizen
  • Offer pro-bono coaching through our Success And You Foundation and scouniate Ccoectng expenence

Comprehensive Instructional Design

Accelerated your warming with carefully detigned Learning Lab, Practical Lab, Practicum, Peer to Peer Support and Coaching Supervision to Gevelop your cOaciing Competency

  • Manage your learning progress with our e-Learning platform.
  • With our Learning Management Syitern you are able to maruge your progress, as well as share and receive feedback.
  • Gein access to a Sbrary of invaluable learning resources. coaching tools and termoistes for business practice.
  • Build your coaching practice with our Business Development Program.

Continual Professional Development

Well-crafted and properly Gelvered continuing professional development to help you remain competent and relevance.

  • Offer estensive post-training support through our monthly leaning webinars and live coaching demonstrations
  • Provide teaching platform as a Student Mentor to support new students in thier learning journey
  • Earn Continual Coach Eaucation (OCE) units for your ICF credential renewal through our strategic partnership with Asia Pacific Association of Coaches (APAC)

Our Learning Experiences

We have successfully trained thousands of leaders and coaches across the globe using our proprietary transformative coaching to help our clients to achieve sustainable results. Hear what our graduates shared their learning experiences with us.

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