ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Hong Kong

Transformative Coaching: Enabling Sustainable Change

75 Hours Core Training for Professional Coaching

English Track: 8 - 11 Nov 2018 facilitated by Dr. Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach

Cantonese Track: 2nd Intake: 8, 15, 22 & 29 Sep 2018 facilitated by Leaon Wan, Director of Training for Hong Kong


Coach Masters Academy is indisputably at the forefront of Tranformative Coaching worldwide with more than 400 coaches each year across the globe completing their training, growing an increasing international alumni of coaches with many HR and Professional collegiate. Our certification program is highly comprehensive and it provides practice support for your professional development. The training is carefully facilitated by our team of experienced ICF Credentialed Coach Supervisors who are capable of meeting the learning needs of individuals from varied business and educational backgrounds. Upon completing this certificate training course, you will acquire the coaching skills to engage in a deep and focused conversation that enables people to experience powerful shift in their thinking.



Accelerate your coaching competencies as a Certified Transformational Coach.

Leaders are called on to devote an ever increasing portion of their time to coaching others and this is a trend that will only continue to expand. The challenges have never been greater for achieving results through people, and coaching will be a vital leadership skill for the decades to come. We have successfully trained coaches, leaders and managers across the glove to deliver results that have sustainable performance. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM) offers you a robust framework that can be used in daily interactions with your staff turning everyday conversation into a leanring conversation or in a formal coaching session to improve performance and enhance personal effectiveness and leadership.




Learn from the thought-leader in the field of transformative coaching

Ben puts the "Masterful" into Masterful coaching and training. As a trainer and mentor coach he really knows how to bring the best out of people. Training with Ben has allowed me to surpass what I thought was possible and to reach a level of understanding and confidence in my coaching skills beyond what I was initially aiming for. But it was more than just an education, it was "Life Changing". Charl Swart, Director. South Africa.

Ben is an amazing individual with 100% passion for passing on in an engaging and energetic way the essential skills required to be a successfull Life Coach. Ben's delivery has such outstanding clarity that he makes the content of his training truly practical and memorable. He stayed connected to all of his students after the training and is available for consultation and advice. Howard Bryant, Director. UK

Ben has a very passionate way of expressing, sharing, coaching and training. His energy seems to be endless and he uses this in such a way that i felt energized every single minute. Besides this Ben is very knowledgable and skilled on any subject that came up. He is creative in his ways to inspire and empower others. He challenges you to keep improving, learning and growing. Carollyn De Faria, Associate Senior Consultant. Netherland.

Ben's extraordinary professional gift as a facilitator, is only a great additional to his professionalism, knowledge, shared experience and personality. He teaches the theory while sharing with enthusiasm his vision of positive change; he offers the tools but mainly educates on the approach and the process. Daphna Murvitz, Managing Director, Israel.



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