ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Phnom Penh

Transformative Coaching: 75 Hours Core Training for Professional Coaching

4 Days In-Person Training follows by 10 Supervised Practical Coaching via Virtual Platform

facilitated by ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) with international standing


If you are interested in becoming a fully accredited, professional coach or to equipped with the latest knowledge to inspire and effect positive change that is sustainable, this 75hrs coach training certification is for you. The program is fully accrediated by International Coach Federation - the leading and gold standard for Professional Coaching and it is globally recognized.

What is Professional Coaching? It is about helping people realize what needs to be changed and provide them with the necessary support - keeping them focused, challenged and motivated. Through the coaching process, they gain insight and acquire a vision for their lives. Armed with a personal vision of who they want to be, they then formulate clearly defined goals and devise specific action plans where they can intentionally steer their energy towards achieving them.

Transformative Coaching is a way of coaching that uses an inside-out evocative style to heighten the awareness, helping people to gain clarity on what is motivating them to engage or what is holding them back from acting boldly with intention. It goes beyond skills and knowledge to help you grasp what the essence of coaching into mastery of coaching presence and process is what makes our program truly transformative. 


"I came to the program thinking that coaching was something everyone could do. This program has opened my eyes to the complexities involved and the skill and competency required to be a good coach." Aroshi, Managing Director. Colombo.

"The conversations I have with other people are no longer the same. I have shifted from solution-focused to client-focused in my conversation with people. Coach Masters Academy maintains a high standard in the delivery with useful materials, impactful videos, and lots of opportunities for reflection and practical sessions. The learning through listening to coaching conversation followed by the discussion in the forum is very enriching. The academy also provides a good platform for post-course learning where the Supervsior across the globe supports us sharing their experiences with us." Elvin Tay, Senior Learning Consultant. Singapore

"The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation model is very simple and yet very powerful. I strongly believe that self awareness is key to transformation. This model links awareness, clarity and choice in a very natural way, allowing coaches to better navigate their coaching conversations. It has added more clarity on the differences between tactical vs. transformative coaching." Vassilis Chantziaras, Consultant. UK


The training will be faciliated by an international Master Certified Coach - the highest accreditation for professional coaching. He has more than 15 years of cross-cultural leadership experiences in than 20 countries. He has personally supported more than 500 coaches in their professional development. As an Organization Effectiveness and Leadership Transformatonal Coach, he speaks widely across the globe training leaders on how to create authentic change in their organization.

Ben puts the "Masterful" into Masterful coaching and training. As a trainer and mentor coach he really knows how to bring the best out of people. Training with Ben has allowed me to surpass what I thought was possible and to reach a level of understanding and confidence in my coaching skills beyond what I was initially aiming for. But it was more than just an education, it was "Life Changing". Charl Swart, Director. South Africa.

Ben is an amazing individual with 100% passion for passing on in an engaging and energetic way the essential skills required to be a successfull Life Coach. Ben's delivery has such outstanding clarity that he makes the content of his training truly practical and memorable. He stayed connected to all of his students after the training and is available for consultation and advice. Howard Bryant, Director. UK

Ben has a very passionate way of expressing, sharing, coaching and training. His energy seems to be endless and he uses this in such a way that i felt energized every single minute. Besides this Ben is very knowledgable and skilled on any subject that came up. He is creative in his ways to inspire and empower others. He challenges you to keep improving, learning and growing. Carollyn De Faria, Associate Senior Consultant. Netherland.


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