ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training Program in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

Transformative Coaching: 75 Hours Core Training for Professional Coaching

4 Days In-Person Training follows by 10 Supervised Practical Coaching via Virtual Platform

facilitated by ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) with international standing



Our globally delivered coach training program develops skilful excellence and mastery by utilizing a layered learning approach in our face to face training and supervised practical coaching sessions.  Our approach enables our students to become masterful at the set of skills, attitudes and competencies necessary to become a truly professional coach, leader or manager. We believe in moving beyond theoretical concepts and into participative and practical coach-learning environments.  This is under the excellent supervision of our experienced, International Coach Federation (ICF) credentailled coaches, ensuring that skills are systematically and progressively mastered.

Using a revolutionary approach to delivering sustainable change Coach Masters Academy has developed a proprietary coaching technology: Awareness-Clarity-Choice (ACC) Conversation that integrates the science of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. This unique framework applies advanced adult learning theories that are empirically supported and that have shown to produce positive results in key domains like personal and work relationships. 



A commitment to sustainable change is at the heart of our coach training. This is achieved through a process of heightening the clients’ awareness and deepening their learning.  This differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach often limited to trouble-shooting and problem solving. Coach Masters Academy has developed a leading-edge coaching structure known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation. Our revolutionary approach creates sustainable change through combining the science of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.  Our powerful framework applies empirically supported advanced adult learning theories, producing positive results in both personal and professional capacities




Upon completing this training, you will acquire the coaching skills to engage in a thought-provoking conversation that enables your clients to experience a powerful shift in their thinking. You will accelerate your coaching capabilities at an advanced level as the training standard is benchmarked at an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level of competency. 

Your coach-learning journey doesn’t end after your 75 hours of coach training. What many of our students’ value most is the post-training support. They are able to join the on-going Supervised Practical Coaching Sessions and Professional Development Webinars, as they interact and learn from other coaches and trainers across the globe.

“ The course was fantastic. The structure of the course was excellent and was delivered with exceptional skills in presentation, clear communication and useful practical exercises. If you are interested in learning about coaching, do the course, it's fabulous. ” Daniel Moore- Coach & Osteopath


CMA Your Most Trusted Coach Academy

Coach Masters Academy is committed to inspiring positive change through mastery coaching. A global brand operating in Asia, Pacific Oceania, Middle East, Africa and Europe, our faculty team are dedicated to delivering the highest possible standard of coach training. We have successfully trained our coaches across the globe to deliver results that have sustainable performance for their client using our proprietary framework Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation.

Proven empirical approach

Comprehensive instructional program

Accelerate your learning and increases competency

Scalable program with two distinct levels of training

Post training support

Grow your global coaching network

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If you wish to enhance your skills and become a masterful ICF accredited certified coach, we would love to hear from you! Contact Business Development Manager, Ms Maiya now on maiya@coachmastersacademy.com for a personal consultation.


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