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Managers are called to devote an ever increasing portion of their time to coaching others and this is a trend that will only continue to expand. The challenges have never been greater for achieving results through people, and coaching will be a vital leadership skill for the decades to come. A proven strategy for creating sustained growth, coaching enables superior performance of individuals, teams, and whole organization.

It is not just a new methodology or trend; it is more of a tool that drives positive change. It helps people gain clarification through meaningful conversation. It promotes learning by stimulating people to think through about their situation and urges them to take initiatives for change. Coaching is all about making people realize what needs to be modified and offer them appropriate support to bring about a change.

Transformative Coaching is for aspiring Professional Coaches, managers and executives wanting to develop a 'Coaching Management Style'. Our training offers a unique opportunity for leaders to integrate coaching conversation into their managerial skillset. Enabling leaders to access untapped potential and challenge limiting behaviors in their people, this process creates clearly defined goals and specific action plans for success.

"Coaching is about enabling individuals to make conscious decisions and empowering them to become leaders in their own lives. It is a process that occurs in a special conversation that enables learning and development and thus improves performance. It is a way of working with people that leaves them more competent and more fulfilled so that they are more able to contribute and find meaning in what they are doing."


Coaching that focuses on expanding thinking capacity

A commitment to sustainability is at the core of our coach training. Achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning, this differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach more useful in trouble-shooting and problem solving. Through deep and focused coaching conversations a shift from contextual-awareness to self-awareness is created uncovering how meaning is constructed. The result: A greater understanding of what really matters most and truly aligns with their intention. Armed with this emerging understanding a clear path is created along with the ability to hold themselves accountable to what they want to achieve. Coach Masters Academy is committed to inspiring positive change through mastery coaching. A global brand operating in Asia, Pacific Oceania, Middle East, Africa and Europe, our ever expanding faculty team of more than 17 experienced coach trainers and supervisors are dedicated to delivering the highest possible standard of coach training.


Approved by the (ICF) International Coach Federation, the world-renowned organization that sets professional coaching industry standards, our transformative coaching training program offers an exciting and powerful approach not seen until now. With its fresh, leading-edge approach our process enables authentic lasting change. Upon completion of the training, you will receive professional coaching certification. As a graduate of the academy, you would have gained 75 hours of coach training and satisfied the requirements for credentialing that will enable you to apply for ICF Membership and Credential.




The Awareness Conversation helps people transition from a reactive to receptive state of mind where they can be totally present in the NOW moment

The Clarity Conversation helps people uncover what really matters most to them allowing them to use this emerging undersstanding to align their intention with their action

The Choice Conversation helps people to create support structures to hold themselves true to their decision and commitment

At Coach Masters Academy, our coaching framework integrates the science of Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Narrative Pscychology to enable change that is sustainable. Developed over many years by our Founder, Dr Ben Koh - Master Certified Coach (MCC), this revolutionary coaching process uses our proprietary framework known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice ConversationTM.

The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation TM uses an evocative coaching approach that leverages the advanced adult reflective learning theories to expand

It is unique in that it focuses not only on learning but on the process of learning itself. When coaching occurs at the meta-level, it allows change to occur at the deepest level by clarifying and refining goals, expectations and outcomes. It expands people's capacity for awareness and enabling greater clarity about what motivates them to either engage or hold back. Through deep and focused conversations a shift from contextual-awareness to self-awareness is created uncovering how meaning is constructed. The result: A greater understanding of what really matters most and truly aligns with their intention. Armed with this emerging understanding a clear path is created along with the ability to hold themselves accountable to what they want to achieve. 




More than 600 coaches across the globe had completed their training with us each year. Our thoughtful integration of theories, and practical application, provides coaches with the understanding, the skills and the confidence to ignite within their clients a desire, and the commitment toward a new path.

1. Comprehensive instructional program that focuses on gaining a clear understanding of the concept and applying this learning practically

We know that developing mastery in coaching and acquiring the set of skills, attitudes and competencies necessary in order to become truly professional requires a demanding curriculum that moves a student beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts. That is why our coaching certification provides close supervision by experienced coaches so that skills may be systematically and progressively mastered. Every student gets 35 hours of coaching supervision with helpful reviews followed up with one-on-one mentoring sessions. In additional, students will get to listen to the recording of the conversation again, reflecting and reworking to see what they would readjust and do differently. What makes us stand apart from the crowd and makes our program truly transformative is that we go beyond skills and knowledge into the mastery of coaching presence. Designed to provide a quality layered learning process, our students go through a formative process where the core competencies of coaching are forged and refined: presence, active listening and powerful asking. They gain clarity and awareness through reflection and feedback.


2. Accelerate your learning and increases competency toward an advanced level of coaching

Benchmarked at ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential level, you can be confident of receiving top quality training. A combination of our proven instructional design, and our many years of experience in this field, results in graduates that deliver impactful coaching. The training is supervised by our Master Trainer, an international Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a leading expert in Transformative Coaching. You can be confident of receiving the highest standard of coach training drawn from our proven instructional design and our many years in this field. Our Coach Trainers and Supervisors are committed to student?s learning. We deliver the highest standard of coach training using powerful knowledge transfer techniques that effects positive change.


3. Post training support that offers continual professional development

Our locally based Program Directors offer ongoing support for professional development through networking events, helping build client coaching hours, and most importantly to completing the ICF credential application process. At a global level, our academy provides monthly online sessions to keep students abreast of the latest coaching trends allowing them to hone their skills and a platform to form peer-to-peer networks for continual learning even after the course ends. As our student, you become a part of an expanding international community of coaches where our graduates often reach out to the new students to support them in their learning journey.


We offer our students a comprehensive instructional program that focuses on gaining a clear understanding of the concept and applying this learning practically. The 75 hours of coach training will comprise of 2 components:

4 Days Core Training where you acquire the theoretical framework

35 Hours Supervised Practical Coaching where you integrate your learning to real skills application.

We believe the formative process takes time. Altogether, our students go through a 75 hour coach training with almost 50% of the time allocated to practical sessions




The 4 Days In-Person Training will comprise of 5 Learning Modules: (1) Transformative Coaching Fundamentals, (2) Engaging in Deep and Focused Conversations, (3) Coaching Dynamics for a Transformative Shift, (4) The Power of Inquiry and (5) Integrating Core Competencies.

Module 1: Transformative Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching is distinctive in nature and set apart from other interventions because it is based solely on the needs of the person being coached, and it uses a clearly defined process throughout the interaction. Both a science and an art, coaching helps people develop potential that is already present, but not yet fully manifested.

  • Understanding how coaching is different from consulting, training and counseling
  • Learn when to apply tactical and transformative coaching
  • Understand how coaching evokes excellence in others through horizontal and vertical learning
  • Apply the power of noticing to encourage reflective learning
  • Learn the formula for Sustainability: Alignment + Action + Accountability
  • Acquire a new paradigm shift from a solving mindset to a creating mindset
  • Moving Forward: Roadmap to ICF Credential

Module 2: Engaging in Deep and Focused Conversations

The coaching conversation is a special conversation. As the primary vehicle for the coach to deliver the coaching, it is a conversation in which the Coach is speaking and listening with a total commitment to help a person to succeed. This is the most important module where students learn how to create a safe psychological space for their client to articulate what is known, but unknown to their conscious mind.

  • Understand what makes a coaching conversation a special conversation.
  • Apply the dynamic flow concept to create a learning conversation
  • Understand coaching presence as the key ingredient to initiate the change process
  • Learn the principles to nurture coaching presence
  • Learn how to create the ?NOW? moment for the coach and the client
  • Learn how to shift a tactical or remedial conversation to a learning conversation
  • Learn how to exercise active listening to mine the content in the story for a powerful shift in thinking

Module 3: Coaching Dynamic for a Transformative Shift

The catalyst for change begins at this level where the client starts to gain more awareness into their current reality and deepen their learning. Student will gain an in-depth understanding of how to use our proprietary framework Awareness-Clarity-Choice ConversationTM to create a conversation aimed at heightening the awareness and deepening the learning.

  • Understand what awareness is and apply the transformative principles to enable shift in perspective and challenge forward action
  • Learn how to engage in a Awareness Conversation and acquire the coaching skill to effectively explore meaningfulness and frame the conversation for focus
  • Learn how to engage in a Clarity Conversation and acquire proprietary transformative techniques to create the space for self-expression, expand the thoughts for deeper understanding, surface blockages, create current reality and preferred reality
  • Learn how to engage in Choice Conversation and acquire the coaching skills to create support structures to hold people true to their decision and commitment.

Module 4: The Power of Inquiry

Asking appropriate and powerful questions provides an opportunity to open up new perspectives. This helps to direct our attention to areas that we have not yet considered, enabling us to gain new understanding through thoughtful thinking. Coaches help their clients to find their own solutions through powerful asking.

  • Discover the power of questions and how to structure them for maximum impact
  • Understand the framework for meta-coaching
  • Avoid making the top 8 mistakes when asking questions
  • Learn how to ask empowering questions?

Module 5: Integrating Core Competencies

A coaching conversation is more than a dialogue session or a nice chat. The objective of a coaching conversation is to facilitate positive change in how a person thinks, acts or feels. In this module you will learn how to integrate the ICF Core Competencies.

  • Establishing Coaching Goals
  • Co-Creating the Relationship
  • Effective Communication 
  • Forward Action


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The success of our students is our success. We are committed to deliver world-class coach training.

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