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ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Singapore

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Investing in coaching certification or any training for that matter can be a complex decision and that is why we want to help you to make an informed decision.


You can join us in the upcoming Program Preview

18 Apr 2018 from 9.00AM to 12.30PM I Atrium Singapore Holiday Inn

In this preview, you can hear from Dr Ben Koh, a distinguished Master Certified Coach with more than 17 years of cross-cultural leadership coaching experiences explaining how an evocative coaching approach surpasses conventional problem-solving and solution-creating approach in enabling change that is deep and sustainable.

Historical development leading to 3rd Generation Coaching movement

Understanding the 4 major Coaching Mindsets and their impacts

Preview a coaching conversation demonstrating evocative coaching approach


We have successfully trained coaches, leaders and managers across the globe to deliver results that have sustainable performance. Watch this videp presentation to hear how the training has impacted our coaches.


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ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Hong Kong

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 25/03/2015 - 22:59

ICF Approved 75 hours of Core Training for Professional Coaching taught by Master Certified Coach with international standing.

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