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ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Singapore

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We want to invite you to join us to preview a Live Coaching.

Powerful coaching that makes an impact is inherently a reflective process that involves people gaining awareness on how they are perceiving their current situation and thinking deeper on how they arrive at their own solution. Finally, here is your opportunity to hear a Master Coach coach demonstrating our proprietary transformative coaching approach live and in real time, and then hear the Master breaks it down and talks about the coaching process. 


27 Sep 2018 @ 8.30PM Singapore Time

8.00AM Nigeria I 9.00AM Netherlands 10.00AM Romania I 11.00AMM UAE I 12.30PM India I 5.00PM Australia I 7.00PM New Zealand

Dr Ben Koh I Master Certified Coach I Founder of Coach Masters Academy

With nearly 20 years of experience as a Leadership Effectiveness and Transition Coach, Ben has brought the benefits of coaching to organizations helping leaders raise the bar on their performance and managing their success. Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he enables leaders to experience powerful shift in their thinking and empowers them to lead from an inside-out approach. He partners with his clients and inspire them deeply to use their innate capacity to excel in what matters most to them and enabling to flourish in their full leadership capacity. He engages them in deep and focus learning conversation that stimulate them to reflect critically, align their personal and work values and hold themselves accountable to their decision.


We have successfully trained coaches, leaders and managers across the globe to deliver results that have sustainable performance. Watch this videp presentation to hear how the training has impacted our coaches.



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ICF Approved Coaching Certificate Training in Hong Kong

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ICF Approved 75 hours of Core Training for Professional Coaching taught by Master Certified Coach with international standing.

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