Make Executive Coaching Available For Your Leaders

Achieve Greater Results For Your Organisation


Leaders are vital to the success of your organisation, yet they often lack access to objective, ongoing feedback. Such leaders can develop blind spots and unproductive behaviours, making it difficult for them to reach their full potential to positively impact organisational goals.

Leaders can achieve better results when they have the right support at the right time. Give your leaders the personal support they need to enhance their leadership capabilities, tackle business challenges, and seize new opportunities.

Executive coaching is proven to be the most effective intervention to teach leaders key skills and impact an organisation’s bottom line. This smart investment develops your leaders’ potential, dramatically improves performance, and puts your leaders on an accelerated growth track. 

That is why some of the world’s leading organisations provide executive coaching to their leaders. 


Executive Coaching Program

That Focuses on High-Impact Leadership Development


The ongoing pursuit of education and development sets great leaders apart from good leaders. Developing and refining skills isn’t just for those starting their career path. No matter where your leaders are in their careers and how high they have climbed up the corporate ladder, our executive coaching can expand their leadership capacity and enhance the value they bring to your organisation.

Our Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC) program is a tailored leadership development program designed to help your leaders stay ahead in an increasingly complex business world. The ELC program provides one-on-one executive coaching to ensure your leaders gain clarity, experience deep learning, and move toward sustainable behaviour change.


The ELC program is result-driven to guarantee business results

Leaders can expect to discuss real-life work situations throughout the coaching process. This focused learning allows leaders to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting, and gain actionable insights that can lead to better outcomes for your organisation. This approach can also help leaders increase their ability to learn and readily adapt to change. 


The ELC program is a practical, essential everyday leadership solution.

In demanding, fast-paced working environments, many leaders lack opportunities to pause and assess their performance. By working with an ELC Coach, your leaders can work through ongoing issues, challenges, and opportunities, and sharpen their focus on what matters most to achieving organisational objectives. 


The ELC program is transformational.

Besides helping leaders align with your business strategy and test out new ways of thinking, the ELC program also facilitates mindset shifts. ELC coaches have the necessary training to guide your leaders to identify weaknesses, unused strengths, and blind spots. By helping leaders become aware of the impact of their decisions and behaviour, we can support them in developing roadmaps for sustainable behavioural change.


The benefits of the ELC program extend beyond the leaders being coached. A strong leader can positively impact the people they work with by improving team communication skills, decision-making, collaboration, and cross-functional relationships. 

The ELC program’s return on investment is measurable in terms of quantifiable improvements that include:

  • Improved management and leadership
  • Increased empowerment and ownership
  • Greater commitment and higher retention 
  • Enhanced personal impact and performance
  • Accelerated personal development of high-potential individuals 

A Transformational Approach

To Create Change that is Deep and Sustainable


The ELC program uses our proprietary transformative coaching framework, the Awareness-Clarity-Choice (ACC) Conversation framework. Developed by Dr Ben Koh — our founder, a Master Certified Coach, and a thought leader in the field of transformative learning — the ACC Conversation is an evidence-based approach that was developed after years of research and fieldwork. It draws on multiple disciplines, including the latest research in positive psychology and adult learning development. 

The ACC Conversation uses a transformative learning approach to promote awareness, clarity, and understanding. It places people at the centre of the learning process by having them experience and respond to various situations. The ACC Conversation is unique in that it focuses not only on learning but also on the process of learning itself. The coaching process stimulates reflective thinking and expands awareness, enabling leaders to gain greater clarity about what motivates them to either engage or hold back. 

With this emerging understanding, leaders can then tap into their potential and make empowering choices moving forward. These change experiences can trigger deep, fundamental revisions to beliefs, principles, and feelings, allowing people to modify their understanding of themselves and others.


Working with the Best in the Business

Is Your Best Guarantee for a Good Return on Investment

Driven by our vision and our mastery of coaching, we help leaders deliver sustainable results to their organisation.


CMA Global Consulting, an extended arm of Coach Masters Academy, provides executive coaching services for organisations around the globe that want to support their leaders and expand their leadership capacity. Over many years, we have built our reputation for inspiring authentic change. We deliver unparalleled client service and quality assurance through face-to-face and virtual executive coaching.

We have regional offices in Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania Pacific, which means we have the capacity and resources to deliver a top-tier global coaching program. Our global reach ensures that we can provide executive coaching in any location, in multiple languages, providing substantial benefits to multinational companies,

What sets us apart is the quality of our coaches. Our globe-spanning team of highly qualified and experienced executive coaches are graduates of our coaching academy who have completed 145 hours of advanced coach training. This means you can expect quality, consistent coaching approach.

Each coach has been chosen through a rigorous selection process, ensuring they meet our high standards both in coaching practice and in business experience. In addition, our coaches have a combination of recognised coaching qualifications, advanced academic degrees, and senior-level corporate backgrounds. 


ELC Program is the Ideal Solution

For Succession Pipeline, Talent Management or Performance Intervention


Keeping High-Potential at Peak Performance

Although leaders are highly skilled and competent in their fields of expertise, every leader encounters moments when the talents that once made them successful are no longer adequate. The ELC program can support leaders in generating new ideas and finding ways to shift to an even higher level of leadership performance. 


Leadership Transition or Onboarding

Leaders managing a new initiative or taking on a new or more senior role will require growth in new directions. The ELC program can help leaders — particularly leaders transitioning from being technical experts to people leaders — prepare for these changes.


Coaching Performance Issues

Sometimes leaders fail because they cannot let go of counterproductive habits. The ELC program can help leaders discover where they are going wrong and redirect their focus on current and future achievements to build awareness about their strengths and establish a sense of personal responsibility that results in behaviour change.


Streamlined Coach Management System

Our customised, cloud-based coach management system – "Meet Your Coach", simplifies the entire coaching experience and facilitates easy reporting. With "Meet Your Coach", leaders benefit from the following

  • A centralise process to access record and monitor progress
  • A coach-matching process based on your leader's preferences and profile
  • Convenient scheduling options for coaching sessions
  • Simplified document sharing



The ELC Program provides an unrivalled opportunity for leaders to truly think differently and act strategically.

Contact us today and find out how the ELC program can help the leaders in your organisation.