Expand Capacity for Deep Reflective Thinking

Transformative Coaching is an inside-out evocative approach

It provides the client with a safe space to explore his current reality objectively and gain a higher level of self-awareness which allows him to continually clarifying and deepening his understanding of his being in relation to the story that he brings into the coaching space. Through the artful and masterful transformative coaching process, the client can emerge with new insights and learning that empowers him to tap into his strengths and take action to achieve the results that he truly desires.

Transformative coaching process requires the coach to have a high level of attention, awareness and openness to use oneself for the service of the client. The coach needs to have the competencies to build rapport with the client, listens actively to the client’s story with non-judgmental compassion and at the same time curious about what is the shift that needs to happen in the broader system that the client is interacting with, what needs to shift in the relationship between the client and the issue he is describing, and for those shifts to occur, what needs to shift right now in the client.

While the coach is holding these questions in mind, he is comfortable with this tension without trying to work out an answer intellectually, but waiting for a felt sense of what is necessary for the intended transformative purpose. The coach understanding of the client’s situation starts with the broader view of the system of which he is part of and draws on his experience to stimulate the client to think, feel and explore new attitudes to identify the dynamic gap and create sustainable change. This process of Coaching helps the client to unearth and tap potential and creativity; co-ordinate career and personal life; increase the ability to cope with and welcome change; improve concentration, confidence, relaxation and decision-making; remove performance fears and anxieties, and eliminate unhealthy stress at work.

The transformative coaching approach enables sustainable change by creating a shift in the client’s mindset and emotional framing of their reality; rather than changing their choices within the current set of perceived possibilities which only addresses the situation and symptoms of client’s issues. The coaching process in this form of Coaching moves beyond new awareness and insight, to create a ‘felt shift’ in the space, where the client’s whole way of engaging with his issue has changed, including his verbal and non-verbal language. This newfound energy evokes commitment to action.

In conclusion, transformative coaching approach can create a more lasting impact than other methods for clients. This is consistent with the systemic perspective in that one part of the system fundamentally changes; the rest of the system will have to adapt to match it. This ultimately will facilitate client gaining a higher level of self-awareness that perpetuates personal effectiveness and development.

Ms Sophie Tay, PCC Credential Coach I CMA Coach  Supervisor


Advancing Potential through Transformative Coaching

We are designed to grow and develop, however many variables make an impact on whether we live up to their potential such as the necessary beliefs, perspectives, self-awareness, motivation, grits, role models, learning agility and collegial and professional support,  just to name a few. Without new learning and support, one would face a lot of insurmountable obstacles that may result in ineffective personal development. 

Transformative Coaching does not place a focus on fixing the immediate problem by offering a tactical problem-solving solution to the challenge one may face.  It provides a platform for people to develop the necessary understanding of his or her underlying values and beliefs to formulate the required solutions on their own, not only to solve the problem at hand, but also similar problems in the future.

one could not consistently perform at a level that is inconsistent with one’s basic beliefs.

One of the characteristics of a transformative coaching conversation is the spaciousness for the client to sort through their thinking and through thought-provoking questioning process it enables them to identify what is the issue at hand by addressing the dynamic gaps positively and constructivelyThis optimistic positivity would catapult them to a new level of understanding and how they can experience their reality differently.

Effective personal development happens when one is increasingly clear about what they want, and more importantly, why they want what they want. The “hows” would naturally be developed once these “whats” and “whys” are clarified. The emphasis of defining one’s values and principles, in addition to aligning one’s behaviour and decisions based on this foundation, would likely be one of the best coaching models to propel one to move forward in maximizing one’s potential when practised professionally. 

Tommy Chan, Ph.D, PCC Credential Coach