ICF Coaching Training Program

ICF Coaching Training Program

Expand Capacity For Deep Reflective Learning

Coach Masters Academy is indisputably at the forefront of Transformative Coaching worldwide. A commitment to prepare our coaches to achieve sustainable change for their clients is at the core of our coach training. Achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning, this differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach more useful in trouble-shooting and problem solving.

Developed over many years by our Founder – Dr Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach (MCC) and also a thought-leader in the field of transformative coaching, this revolutionary approach uses our proprietary framework known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation TM. 

ACC Conversation

Vasillis Chantziaras - Consultant I United Kingdom. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation model is very simple and yet very powerful. I strongly believe that self awareness is key to transformation. This model links awareness, clarity and choice in a very natural way, allowing coaches to better navigate their coaching conversations.

Toshi Harada - VP Operations I Japan. The "kaizen" activities that we carried out in the operational environment in many ways are similar to  the Awareness–Clarity–Choice Conversation where it focuses on the science of observation before inquiry and honoring the good intention in order to create a open dialogue to move forward. It is an eye opener to see how the same principle can be applied to advance human potential. 

Jez Lim - Relationship Coach I Singapore. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is highly thought-provoking and reflective process that digs into the ice-berg rather than just scratching the surface. It has made me realize that professional coaching is a valuable tool that help people move forward and challenge themselves, instead of going for quick fixes. 


In Conversation with Lynne Hunt. Operating predominantly in the Wellbeing and Health Management sector, Lynne works with Corporate and Government clients to ensure optimum holistic health, performance and well-being. She is coaching people using the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation to change mindsets and shift lifelong, inhibiting thoughts and behaviors one conversation at a time.


In Conversation with Sandra Kelly. She is the Customer Services Team Leader at Cubro responsible for coaching, operational excellence, leadership, and driving a world-class service. In this interview, she appreciated the simplicity of the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation and the profound impact it had on leadership effectiveness and development.


Our Globally delivered program Enabling Leaders to create Authentic Change

As you pursue coach training, you want a program with high standard, proven methodology and worldwide recognition. Approved by the International Coach Federation, the world-renowned organisation that sets professional coaching industry standards, our coach certification training program offers a fresh, leading edge approach to enable authentic change. Coach Masters Academy is arguably the most preferred coach academy with more than 400 coaches each year across the globe completing their training, growing an increasing international alumni of coaches with many HR and Professional collegiate.


The Ultimate Solution To Maximize Human Capital

Managers are called on to devote an ever increasing portion of their time to coaching others and this is a trend that will only continue to expand. The challenges have never been greater for achieving results through people, and coaching will be a vital leadership skill for the decades to come. A proven strategy for creating sustained growth, coaching enables superior performance of individuals, teams, and whole organizations. 

It is not just a new methodology or trend; it is more of a tool that drives a positive change. It helps people gain clarifications through meaningful conversations. It promotes learning by stimulating people to think through about their situation and urges them to take initiatives. Coaching is all about making people realize what needs to be modified and offer them appropriate support to bring about a change. 

"Coaching is about enabling individuals to make conscious decisions and empowering them to become leaders in their own lives. It is a process that occurs in a special conversation that enables learning and development and thus improves performance. It is a way of working with people that leaves them more competent and more fulfilled so that they are more able to contribute and find meaning in what they are doing."

Transformative coaching is ideal for those who are aspiring to be professional coaches and also for executives and managers who want to develop a management style of coaching. The training offers an opportunity to the leaders in implementing proven, powerful and productive coaching framework within their organizations. 

An Empirical Approach To Effect Positive Change

Our proprietary transformative coaching approach fully integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology creating a robust platform that results in sustainable change in coaching clients. It leverages on reflective learning theories expanding people’s capacity for awareness and enabling greater clarity in understanding. 


You will acquire the transformative coaching skills to help people to experience powerful shift in their thinking, align their greatest inspiration with action and hold them accountable to their decision. You will be able to engage in a deep and focused coaching conversation that shift people’s attention from contextual awareness to personal awareness to uncover how they construct their own meaning, understand what really matters most, and then using this emerging understanding to create a clear path forward.


SCALABLE PROGRAM with two distinct levels of coach training

ICF approved coach cetification program for 145hrs of coach training it allows you to complete your first level with 75hrs of Core Training for Professional Coaching. You can then progress to the Advance Training for Mastery Coaching with an additional 70hrs of coach training that qualify you to apply for Professional Certified Coach ( PCC ) credential via the direct PCC ACTP Track.

1st Level 75hrs Core Training (ACSTH)

Change that is sustainable is the result of a deep and focused conversation that heightens the awareness and deepens the learning.

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2nd Level 70hrs Mastery Training (ACTP)

Transformation is a process of profound and radical change arises from deep awareness that leads to fresh orientation and new direction.

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  • Chitta Amaryllis, Leadership Consultant for Asian Leadership Group I Indonesia

    What I appreciate most is the post-training support that allows me to continuously sharpen my coaching skills and foster a stronger coach identity. The combination of proven, tested and deep theoretical understanding and practical demonstration enables me to quickly integrate my learning to real-life application. I am competent to empower my clients to see results in my coaching. This training is indeed an inspiring journey at a perosnal and professional level.

    -- Chitta Amaryllis, Leadership Consultant for Asian Leadership Group I Indonesia

  • Elvin Tay, Senior Learning Consultant I Singapore

    CMA maintains a high standard in the delivery with useful materials, impactful videos, and lots of opportunities for reflection and practice. The learning through listening to coaching conversation follows by in-depth discussion provides a rich resource that helps us to map theory with application and I find it to be extremely invaluable accelerating our competencies. The academy also provides many good platform for post-training learning where we can learn from various Supervisors across the globe. It allows me to apply my skills outside classroom learning context.

    -- Elvin Tay, Senior Learning Consultant I Singapore

  • Carollyn de Faria, Executive Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker I Netherland

    The Master Trainer has a very passionate way of expressing, sharing, coaching and training. His energy seems to be endless and he uses this in such a way that I feel energize every single minute. He is very knowledgable and skilled on any subject that came up. He is creative in his ways to inspire and challenges us to keep improving, learning and growing. 

    -- Carollyn de Faria, Executive Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker I Netherland

  • Krishna Kurunakaran, Principal OD Consultant & Organisation Development for  Jurong Health Services I Singapore

    The Transformative Coaching offers by CMA invites new and experienced coaches to focus relentlessly on the thought-process. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is integrative and generative in nature and is guided by a robust framework drawing science from multidisciplinary of psychology. This training truly accelerates my competencies to create sustaining changes that is deep and impactful for myself, my team and my organization.

    -- Krishna Kurunakaran, Principal OD Consultant & Organisation Development for Jurong Health Services I Singapore

  • Teti Bianca, Senior Executive I Italy

    A lot of efforts have been put in to create a deep learning experiences that is experiential and educational. This training has taught me to listen differently to the conversation by observing the nature of content and I am more aware of the impact of the question on the coaching process. The Awareness-Clairty-Choice Conversation is simple and yet so powerful to explore meaning and drivers. It is structure and at the same time offers a organic human interaction.

    -- Teti Bianca, Senior Executive I Italy

  • Charl Swart, Managing Director I South Africa

    Coach Masters Academy puts the "Masterful" into Masterful coaching and training. The Faculty Team knows how to bring the best out of people. Training with CMA has allowed me to surpass what I thought was possible and to reach a level of understanding and confidence in my coaching skills beyond what I was initially aiming for. But it was more than just an education, it was "Life Changing”.

    -- Charl Swart, Managing Director I South Africa

  • Amy Styles, National Training Manager I New Zeland

    An amazing program that truly creates space and creativity for people to be empowered with the knowledge they already possess inside. A life changing experience. I would highly recommend it for anybody influencing leaders or looking to create positive change in people.

    -- Amy Styles, National Training Manager I New Zeland

  • Jez Lim, Relationship Coach I Singapore

    The training has raised my confidence level to help my client clients to experience a powerful shift in their mindset, attitudes and beliefs by uncovering their inner operating system. The ability to transition from the situation-contextual awareness to a deeper self-awareness is a mastery and an art. It helps me to keep away from the presenting problem and "solution-ing” mode to heighten the awareness and deepening the learning. 

    -- Jez Lim, Relationship Coach I Singapore

  • Simon Yio, Director of Orange Tee I Singapore

    I have made the right choice choosing Coach Masters Academy. The transformative coaching has given me deep insights on the power of coaching questions and listening to effect positive change. Now, I using this thought-provoking coaching process to help my staff to improve on performance at work and seeing how it increases their leadership capacity unleashing their potential.

    -- Simon Yio, Director of Orange Tee I Singapore

  • Howard Bryant, Managing Director of Retails Asia Limited I United Kingdom

    The Master Trainer is an amazing individual with 100% passion for passing on in an engaging and energetic way the essential skills required to be a successful Professional Coach. His delivery has such outstanding clarity that he makes the content of his training truly practical and memorable.

    -- Howard Bryant, Managing Director of Retails Asia Limited I United Kingdom



CMA Your Most Trusted Coach Academy


We have successfully trained our coaches across the globe to deliver results that have sustainable performance for their clients. Our program is highly comprehensive and it provides practical support for your professional development. The training is carefully facilitated by experienced ICF Credentialed Coach Supervisors who are capable of meeting the learning needs of individuals from varied business and educational backgrounds.

Proven empirical approach

Proven empirical approach

Comprehensive instructional program

Comprehensive instructional program

Accelerate your learning and increases competency

Accelerate your learning and increases competency

Scalable program with two distinct levels of training

Scalable program with two distinct levels of training

Post training support

Post training support

Grow your global coaching network

Grow your global coaching network








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Watch the sneak preview for the 4 Day In-Person Training and experience the excitement and highly interactive learning experience faciliated by Ben Koh - ICF Master Certified Coach with more than 17 years of cross-cultural leadership training experience across the globe.