When coaches help clients who are stuck or seeking to move forward, a deeper understanding of the coaching process is necessary to help clients make sense of the world around them.

The Mastery Training for Deep Coaching is for serious practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of the nature of the change to evoke a more profound transformational change.

Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation framework developed by Coach Masters Academy, this program will prepare you to coach people for intentional change.



It offers 80 hours of ICF-approved coaching education, integrating the science of deep coaching within the ICF core competency for the MCC level of coaching.

This program satisfies the ICF Level 3 Accreditation that meets the requirement for the MCC Credential application.

This can also serve as a preparatory program for core competency development for mature coaches to evolve their skills from PCC to MCC level of coaching. 

The training will be delivered 100% Online in English.

The next intake starts in Apr 2024, and the virtual class is 3pm Singapore I 8am London I 10am Nairobi I 11am Dubai I 5pm Melbourne I 7pm Auckland

We need a class of 15 participants to run the program, and if you are interested, please help us to complete the questionnaire.

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How is the program designed and structured?

While scientific knowledge forms the basis for the skills taught, coaching is first and foremost about applying these skills.

Mastery Training comprises four pillars of targeted learning to accelerate your skills to mastery.



All material is delivered with a blend of virtual learning, examining case studies of recorded coaching conversations and self-reflection. 


Learning Lab I 5 virtual classes I 2 hours per session

To co-create intentional, generative change, these masterclasses examine the nature of stuck-ness. By helping people  “see through” the underlying belief system on which a problem rests, however persistent or intractable that pain has been, the coaching process can facilitate a shift that opens a new of seeing the world. You will gain critical insights examining how people experience profound shifts in their consciousness that significantly change how they perceive their world.


Competency Lab I 10 virtual classes I 2 hours per session

Using a structured framework, you will understand how to demonstrate your coaching competency in the MCC skillset. Each learning session will be supported by an in-depth study of a coaching conversation approved by the ICF at the MCC skillset. Special attention will be given to help coaches go beyond demonstrating the understanding of the markers to an artful, skilful demonstration of the mastery of coaching at the MCC level.


Peer Practice I 8 Peer Practices I 2 hours per session

In this small group practice, you can practice what you have learnt with your coursemates and receive feedback on your demonstration.


Practical Lab I 12 Supervised Practical Lab I 2 hours per session spanning eight weeks.

The Practical Lab aims to integrate your learning into real-life applications. By the end of this lab, you will gain deeper insights into the difference between the PCC and MCC skillsets and a complete understanding of the expectations for the performance evaluation at the MCC skillset.


Non-Interactive Learning I 10 hours

You have access to the Learning Management System (LMS) to complete 10 hours of reading assignments.


How can this program support you?

1. You will receive a 50-page manual that carefully documents how the markers are expected to be demonstrated at the MCC level of coaching.

2. You will be guided systematically to understand how the core competencies are integrated.

3. You will access recorded MCC coaching conversations as the case study to learn how to demonstrate the behaviour.


All these resources provide the best case studies to model the learning and prepare the two recordings to be submitted to the ICF for the Performance Evaluation.


Your Investment

The program is designed to suit different learning goals. We have two tracks to choose from: (1) Standard Package and (2) Extended Package. 


Standard Package @ USD 4,900 NETT

This package meets the ICF's requirement for the 3rd Level Accreditation, and it includes three individual mentoring sessions.


Add-on Extended Mentoring Package @ USD 2,000 NETT 

This package is designed especially for those planning to apply for the MCC application after the training.

  • Receive min. 5 extra individual tutoring sessions @ 2 hours per session to prepare the two recordings to be submitted to the ICF.
  • Access 15 coaching conversations that ICF had been approved for the MCC skillset.

* Participants from Singapore can apply for the SkillsFuture Credit and UTAP Training Grant.


Coaches who had completed the training and received their MCC Credential from 2020

In preparation for submitting the recording


High Praises for Mastery Training for Artful Coaching


Amoss Ross I Master Certified Coach

I am privileged to co-facilitate this mentor coaching program with Dr Ben Koh. He has an exceptional understanding of the ICF core competencies at the MCC level. In addition to his coaching skills, he can attentively listen to a coaching session, immediately identify areas for improvement, and do so in a way that supports the coaches involved and accelerates their learning. In my 20 years of coaching experience, I have not met a coach who has positively impacted learners more than Ben. I consider Ben Koh to be the Master Coach of all Master Coaches. 


Molly Gordon, I Master Certified Coach

Dr Ben Koh is an exceptionally thoughtful and skilled coach that provides every learner with a personalized approach. Despite being a Master Certified Coach since 2009, Ben continually seeks ways to develop and improve his skills and coaching programs to help aspiring coaches as much as possible. Ben is at the forefront of coach education, and his programs can be counted on to provide new coaches with the training to help them succeed. I appreciate his ability to thoroughly observe and analyze and provide his students with helpful information on how to coach in a manner that facilitates learning and insight and leads to quality results. 



Alina Menon I Master Certified Coach I ICF Past President for Mumbai

I was utterly blown away by Ben's immense depth of understanding of how the MCC-level core competencies are integrated as a whole into the system of artful coaching. He explained the "WHAT" and the "HOW" in a manner that was easy to understand and allowed me to enjoy my journey to my MCC Certification. Ben provided me with all the insights I needed to deepen my learning. He took great care when helping me to reflect on my thinking and gain deep awareness. Most importantly, Ben's undivided and personalized attention and support allowed me to succeed, and these are the traits that distinguish Ben Koh from other MCCs I have worked with.


Sarah Devereaux I Master Certified Coach

The depth of the delivered content, combined with unique and diverse learning platforms, made this my best learning experience. An incredible layered learning approach allowed the concepts to become embedded in my mind and soul. It was delivered so I could easily translate the new theoretical knowledge into real-life coaching applications, doing justice to the science and the art of coaching at an MCC level. The training has enabled me to successfully transition from a PCC to an MCC level of coaching competency.