Coach Masters Academy, a pioneer and leader in the field of transformative coaching offers a unique opportunity for you to develop authentic and powerful coaching skills that integrate performance and purpose, and gain an internationally recognized business coaching credential that will give you credibility around the world.
ICF Approved Online Professional Coaching Certification Program

Tranformative Coaching: An Evocative Inside-Out Approach

The online coach training offers flexibility to plan your learning around other commitments, with no need for long distance travel or extensive time away.

You can expect to complete the training in 12 weeks



Delivering live online training across the globe since 2011.

You can expect more than a ZOOM virtual class or webinar!

Unlike other virtual learning program that simply delivers content, we have created a well-structured online coach training that is truly interactive, engaging online coach training.

It is highly experiential with a strong focus on live coaching practice, discussion and feedback from experienced credentialled coaches.



Learn virtually anywhere with Participants from around the world.

Coach Masters Academy is one of the leading coaching academy and we attract participants from around the globe.

You will be interacting will be a community of senior-level participants with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, languages and interests – adding richness to your online learning.

To respond effectively to this current challenge and at the same time to meet the ongoing demand for training while prioritizing everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we have expanded our online delivery options to serve you better.


Training Schedule for 3rd Quarter 2020

Jul 1st Intake virtual classroom starts at 8am London I 11am Dubai 3pm Singapore
9am Johannesburg 10am Bucharest I 12.30pm Delhi I 4pm Tokyo I 5pm Melbourne I 7pm Auckland
Jul 2nd Intake virtual classroom starts at 1pm London I 4pm Dubai 8pm Singapore
8am New York I 9am Sao Paulo 2pm Johannesburg  3pm Bucharest I 5.30pm Delhi I 9pm Tokyo
Jul 3rd Intake virtual classroom starts at 10am Los Angeles I 6pm London I 9pm Dubai
2pm Sao Paulo I 7pm Johannesburg  8pm Bucharest
Sep 1st Intake virtual classroom starts at 8am New York I 1pm London I 4pm Dubai 8pm Singapore
9am Sao Paulo 2pm Johannesburg  3pm Bucharest I 5.30pm Delhi I 9pm Tokyo
Sep 2nd Intake virtual classroom starts at 8am Los Angeles I 4pm London I 8.30pm Delhi
12pm Sao Paulo I 5pm Johannesburg  6pm Bucharest I 7pm Dubai 
Sep 3rd Intake virtual classroom starts at 7pm New York
+1 7am Singapore I +1 9am Melbourne I +1 Auckland
Oct 1st Intake virtual classroom starts at 8am London I 11am Dubai 3pm Singapore
9am Johannesburg 10am Bucharest I 12.30pm Delhi I 4pm Tokyo I 5pm Melbourne I 7pm Auckland
Oct 2nd Intake virtual classroom starts at 10am Los Angeles I 6pm London I 9pm Dubai
2pm Sao Paulo I 7pm Johannesburg  8pm Bucharest


Our Transformative Coaching approach stands on the cutting edge of the expanding coaching profession. It offers a powerfully holistic and yet organic approach to help people experience powerful transformative shift in their perspective. Achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning, this differs from other coaching methodologies that employ a tactical or remedial approach more useful in trouble-shooting and problem solving.

Developed over many years by our Founder – Ben Koh - Master Certified Coach (MCC) and also a thought-leader in the field of transformative learning, this revolutionary approach uses our proprietary framework known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation TM. It leverages on the advanced adult learning theories expanding people’s capacity for thinking and enabling greater clarity to align their intention with action. 

CLICK HERE for more information on our Transformative Coaching framework


You will acquire the coaching skills to help people to experience powerful shift in their thinking, align their greatest inspiration with action and hold them accountable to their decision. You will be able to engage in a deep and focused coaching conversation that shift people’s attention from contextual awareness to personal awareness to uncover how they construct their own meaning, understand what really matters most, and then using this emerging understanding to create a clear path forward.




    Coaching has been proven to be a valuable catalyst to help a person or organisation shift directions and change habits, behaviours and perspectives that will alter the outcomes of their future decisions to support their goals, dreams, and the direction they choose to track. When desire and commitment are present; coaching programs been proven to be a viable catalyst for great growth and success where many realize exponential results.

    Most of us are taught through a combination of two processes: instruction and incentive. Parents and teachers tell us what to do and how to do it correctly. They may offer incentives to get us do the work and master it. Researches by recent Educators and Psychologists reveal the limitations of such approach. It is always tempting or much more easier to tell people how to do things better, to make them practice, and to reward the progress. This approach “I-Tell-You-Do” though may get work accomplished fast, it fails to inspire and leverage the best out of human learning. It only undermines motivation, discourages risk taking and limits creativity. It produce results in short run but it seldom work in the long haul to stimulate self-learning and development that will produce optimal performance.


    It gets people to think about their own experiences and to make corrective action steps that enables them to make incremental improvements. By going through a coaching process, they gain valuable insight and can form a detailed vision of what they want to achieve by setting clear goals and planning what action can be taken to get there. It raises the bar of the possible, so that people can reinvent themselves through transformational learning.

    Simply put, coaching is a conversational process that brings out the greatness in people. People can experience deep transformation in a dialogue where someone is there to help to gain awareness and clarity to what they really want and holding them accountable to take decisive actions to realize it.

    • Identify and Clarify Realistic Goals

      If there is a lack of clarity in the direction and goals, it creates competing priorities and a lack of focus, leaving little or no results. Through the coaching process, you support your clients to uncover and discover what is really behind what they are needing.

    • Stimulate thinking and learning

      The perspective on where you are today and want to be in the future will determine the decisions you make. A empowering perspective that is free from distortion supports positive attributes, opens the mind up to fresh ideas and possibilities and achieves growth. Through powerful asking it directs your mind to real, underlying issue and uncovers what really is important to you.

    • Deepen awareness and create clarity and focus on the situation or issue

      Understanding the current situation and concerns is an important consideration during the coaching process, as it gives insight into the behaviors and beliefs that created the undesirable conditions that are inhibiting growth. When there is clarity and awareness of the issues, it can be taken into consideration during the discovery and planning phases of the coaching process to free up what’s holding you or the organization back.

    • Create Accountability and Manage Progress

      If your client cannot execute the plan with focused and consistent effort results the goal regardless of how importance and clear it may be, it will not be realized. Helping your client to manage progress and create functional structure to hold them accountable is the final piece to complete the entire puzzle.


    We offer our students a comprehensive instructional program that focuses on gaining a clear understanding of the concept and applying this learning practically.


    Learning Lab: The primary method for delivering the Learning Module is through the web-based videoconference application Zoom. The virtual classroom learning comprises 3 Modules: (1) Fundamental of Transformative Coaching (2) Principles of Transformative Shift (3) Transformative ACC Conversation.

    Coaching Lab: The purpose of practical coaching is to integrate the classroom learning to real-life application and the learning outcome is two-fold, demonstrate coaching at advance level and be thoroughly familiar with the PCC marker. The practical coaching will be conducted via an online platform. This is one of the most effective ways to isolate other modalities and to assess the participants’ learning, while at the same to improve the listening skills. Our experience has shown that there are significant improvements in the latter part of the face-to-face coaching sessions.

    Optional: Mentor Coaching

    If you are planning to apply for ICF Credential upon completing the training, we can also include the mentor coaching offering.

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    Watch this video on the value of ICF Membership and Credential by Janet harvey, Magdalena Mook and Dr Damian Goldvarg.


    We have further reduced the course fee up to 60% for this period of time. Please email us at and let us know where you are located, and we will advise you on the exact course.


Our proprietary coaching framework known as Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation developed over based on many years of field works integrated advance learning theories to heighten the awarness and deepen the learning in order to enable change that is sustainable.

Join us today and accelerate your competencies as a transformative coach. 

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