Transformative Core Training for

Professional Coaching

Online Training | 70 hours of Coach Training

The online coach training offers flexibility to plan your
learning around other commitments, with no need for long
distance travel or extended time away.

Coach Masters Academy

is indisputably at the forefront of transformative learning, supporting leaders and coaches

to help their client achieve a sustainable result using our proprietary Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation framework.

It is an empirical approach to effect positive change based on many years of research and fieldwork with our clients.

Our Approach to enable

a deep and
sustainable change

It uses a reflective inquiry approach to evoke awareness, clarity and understanding. This unique conversation offers people an expanded space for self-discovery as they begin to question the integrity of deeply held assumptions and beliefs. This creates a powerful perspective shift. By using the emerging understanding, people can make empowering choices.

Watch this 90 seconds video explaining the science of our evocative inside-out transformative approach.

Premium ICF Approved
Online Coach Training Program

We have been delivering online training since 2011. You can expect more than a ZOOM virtual class or webinar! Unlike other virtual learning programs that offer content, we have created a well-structured online coach training that is truly interactive, engaging online coach training. It is highly experiential, focusing on live coaching practice, discussion, and feedback from experienced credentialled coaches.

Our online coach training
offers you the flexibility to plan your learning around your other commitments to accommodate your busy life.
There is no need for long-distance travel or extended time away.

Learn virtually anywhere
with Participants from around the world

Coach Masters Academy is one of the leading coaching academies, and we attract participants from around the globe. You will be interacting with a community of senior-level participants with various backgrounds, perspectives, languages, and interests — adding richness to your online learning.

Accelerated Learning Track

You can expect to complete this internationally
recognized certification within 12 weeks.

The program comprises 2 phases of learning

Learning Lab

3 Modules I 12 sessions spanning over four weeks

Practical Lab

12 Supervised Practical Coaching spanning over eight weeks

100% Dedicated to Your


With almost 50 global faculty team members and hundreds of Student Mentors, we can keep an optimal faculty to student ratio of 1 to 10. This allows close supervision and, at the same time, provides you with many touchpoints to offer personal feedback and close interaction.

Wide range of Delivery Options

We have virtual class learning scheduled in the morning, late afternoon and evening and around the clock to meet the diverse needs.

Well Structured


The online program is designed intentionally to offer various online learning experiences: virtual learning, practice sessions, interactive activities, break-out room discussions and supervised coaching sessions. These all provide real-time, experiential learning experiences.

Enhanced Learning Platform

Our well-designed online learning platform offers an effortless experience, even for students who have never taken online learning before. You will be well supported by our customized, user-friendly Learning Management System. It gives you unparalleled flexibility to easily navigate and access learning resources, course materials, video presentations and coaching conversations.

Gain Mastery and


Transformative Core Training for Professional Coaching — Online Program is the industry gold standard for coach certification. Upon completing all the course requirements, you will earn the certificate as a Certified Professional Transformational Coach under the ACSTH accredited program, which would support you in your application for your ACC Credential.

Who is this Program for?

This program is highly suitable for

Managers and leaders

looking to expand their capacity to apply coaching skills in their work context to achieve sustainable results


aspiring to help others to experience deep and lasting change


seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the science to create a powerful perspective shift



Experience rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning
prepares and positions you as a global citizen.

You have this opportunity to learn from industry leaders across the globe. The course facilitators are our Directors of Training, experienced ICF Credentialed coaches. Their passion for coaching and their years of field experiences help our students build their capability and confidence to stand out as outstanding professional coaches.


Dr Ben Koh

Master Certified Coach


Sarah Devereaux

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for New Zealand & Australia


Jo Lanigan

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for New Zealand


Lina Cherry

Master Certified Coach
Regional Director of Training for the Middle East


Alina Menon

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for India


Yann Lellouche

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for UK


Abiola Orojo

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for Nigeria


Pernille Baumann

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for Scandinavia


Azadeh Entezami

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for Iran


Cecilia Schrijver

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for the Philippines


Ronald Yow

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for Vietnam & Indonesia


Joan Mugenzi

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for Uganda


Nour Al Hassan

Professional Certified Coach
Coach Supervisor


Evan Spargo

Master Certified Coach
Director of Training for Australia


Joana Visa

Professional Certified Coach
Coach Supervisor


Adrian Hodaba

Professional Certified Coach
Coach Supervisor


Andrea Jayathilake

Professional Certified Coach
Director of Training for Sri Lanka & Maldives


Joanne Teh

Professional Certified Coach
Coach Supervisor


Anne Zhang

Professional Certified Coach
China - Suzhou


Jackie Caniza

Professional Certified Coach
Business Development Director I Philippines


Leona Wan

Professional Certified Coach
Hong Kong


Lisa Tong

Professional Certified Coach


Magda Tepoi

Professional Certified Coach
Romania & Moldova


Milenna Keskin

Professional Certified Coach

Why Choose Coach Masters Academy

A global learning experience that expands your worldview and enriches your perspective

Proven, tested methodology and framework that delivers results for your clients

A well-structured program that accelerates your learning

Facilitated by matured, experienced credentialed coaches

Connected with our ever-expanding community across the globe and expand your coaching network

Platform to accumulate coaching experiences through our social foundation.

What Graduates are saying about our program

I find the content very deep and profound. This training has provided me with the principles to deliver impactful coaching. I have acquired the skills to accurately observe and make sense of how people perceive their world, reflect it to the client and expand their minds and deepen their learning.

I am so surprised by the simplicity. Yes, it is all about science. I enjoyed every moment of learning. I never thought that online training could be so powerful.

The program is well-structured and well-rehearsed, with different faculty contributing. After so much research over the internet, I am glad that I have made the right choice.

I enjoyed how the faculty team worked together to organize the program. I love the energy and warmth the faculty brings. Each person has a different technique yet is anchored on the same understanding of principles.

I like the way the different activities are pieced together. I am not new to virtual learning, and this is the best that I have seen so far. The experience I had is unique, and I cannot express what it is.

I love the learning. Each session never fails to make me feel inspired and motivated. I always feel like coming back again for more learning. Thank you to the team and the admin office for taking good care of us and ensuring that we are well-supported.

I am starting to see the difference in transformative coaching. It has opened my eyes to understand what coaching truly is. There is so much rich learning, and all the understandings are so different.

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