Meet the people behind the scene that makes CMA the most preferred coach academy.

We have a team of faculty members across the continents to provide local support to our student community.

Our faculty team is the primary reason our students recommend CMA to networks of friends. Their passion for coaching couples with their years of field experiences help our students build their capability and confidence to stand out as outstanding professional coaches to serve their clients. Our faculty members are actively engaged from the C-suite to the front line coaching with a collaborative style that emphasizes teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions.

It feels different to work with us.

Executive Team

Ben Koh I MCC
Founder I Singapore

Maiya Rakhimgaliyeva
Business Relationship I Global Office

Jo Lanigan I MCC
Business Development Director & Director of Training I New Zealand & Australia

Florence Lam I PCC
Business Development Director I Malaysia

Jackie Caniza I PCC
Business Development Director I Philippines

Joana Visa
Program Director I Spain

Joseph Ajal
Business Development Director I East Africa

Joan Chepkemoi
Business Partner I Kenya

Owen Wong
Business Development Director I Hong Kong

Truong Tinh Ha
Business Partner I Vietnam

Evan Spargo I PCC
Business Development Director I Australia

Director of Training

Sarah Devereaux I MCC
New Zealand & Australia

Alina Menon I MCC
India - Mumbai & Delhi

Ihab Badawi I MCC
Middle East & Gulf

Ronald Yow I PCC
Indonesia & Vietnam

Cecilia Schrijver I PCC

Leona Wan I PCC
Hong Kong

Julia Lim I PCC

Piamsook Sutthapreeda I PCC

Jayantha Fernando I PCC
Sri Lanka & Maldives

Yann Lellouche I PCC
United Kingdom & Ireland

Magda Tepoi I PCC
Romania & Moldova

Abiola Orojo I PCC

Andrea Jayathilake I PCC
Sri Lanka & Maldives

Azadeh Entezami I PCC

Joan Mugenzi I PCC

Program Director

Anne Zhang I PCC
China - Suzhou

Lisa Tong I PCC

Ioana Marcu PCC
Eastern Europe

Tess Htet I PCC
Business Partner I Myanmar

Pernille Baumann

Coach Trainer & Supervisor

Adrian Hoboda I PCC

Andrew Smith I PCC
New Zealand

Sim Hong Meng I PCC

Nour Al Hassan I PCC

Marion Freimuth I PCC

Ngoc Tran Thien I PCC

Johnny Squire I PCC
Located in New Zealand

Shalinee Perera I PCC
New Zealand

Ungson Lea, PCC

Anil Bandara I ACC
Sri Lanka

Milenna Keskin I PCC

Joanne Teh I PCC

Radu Mindru I PCC

Alina Ionescu I PCC

Dora Nelleman I MCC
Social Community Director I Singapore