In Conversation with Sandra KellyShe is the Customer Services Team Leader at Cubro responsible for coaching, operational excellence, leadership, and driving a world-class service. The training had changed the way she looked at coaching and she appreciated the simplicity of the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation and at the same time, the profound impact it had on leadership effectiveness and development. She also shared about the standard of training delivered by Coach Masters Academy and how it had improved her coaching competencies.


In Conversation with Lynn Hunt. Operating predominantly in the Wellbeing and Health Management sector, Lynne works with Private, Corporate and Government clients to ensure optimum holistic health, performance and well-being. She is now coaching people to change mindsets and shift lifelong, inhibiting thoughts and behaviors one conversation at a time.


IN CONVERSATION with Toshi and Ng King Yong. In this interview, Toshi is holding the position of the Vice President role in a leading Manufacturing Plant based in Thailand. Ng King Yong was an Senior Executive Officer for Work Development Agency (WDA), Singapore where his primary role is to provide career coaching. Both of them shared how the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation had significantly changed the way they are coaching. King Yong shifted from "telling" way of coaching to "facilitating" way of drawing out insight and understanding from his clients. Toshi expressed his amazement on how reflective learning skill blended with the power of observation can produce an unqiue way of coaching - transformative approach that heighten the awareness and deepening the learning.


IN CONVERSATION with Achaya from India. Achaya is currently based in Cambadio and he is holding the position as the Executive Sales Director. In this interview, he shared how the training had impacted him as a person and how it challenged the way he would lead his team. Achaya is responsible for 160 employees in his organization and he has adopted a coaching style of leadership.


IN CONVERSATION with Evlyn Cheong from Singapore. Drawing on her many years of corporate coaching experiences, Evlyn explained what made transformative coaching such a powerful tool to inspire change. In this interview, she described the coaching process as a "dance" and how it deepens the learning through reflection without imposing.


IN CONVERSATION with Nicole Carlson from US. She is holding the position as the Global Learning Office from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). She shared that joining this program was the best decision she had made. She narrated some of the highlight of her learning, what she appreciated about the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation and how this training had impacted her as a person.


IN CONVERSATION with Renee Hodgkinson from Canada. Renne had completed her 1st Level Training in Hong Kong as her 2nd coach training program. Though she had completed her formal coach training, what attracted her to enroll for this program was the transformative coaching approach. She was based in Beijing during this interview and she shared her geniune insights on the standard of training provided by CMA and how it had prepared her to be a better coach.


IN CONVERSATION with Sim Hong Meng from Singapore. Hong Meng is the Director of i-Grow ahd he shared what he appreciated about the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation and how CMA training had impacted him as a person.