We have been delivering online training since 2011

You can expect more than a ZOOM meeting !!! We do not simply deliver content, we have created a well-structured online program that is truly interactive and engaging. It offers an array of online learning activities: virtual learning, practice sessions, interactive activities, break-out room discussions, and supervised coaching sessions. These all provide real-time, experiential learning experiences.

Here is a snapshot of the 2 hours virtual learning session for Module A Part 2: Understanding the 4 Fundamental Coaching Mindset.

Enhanced Learning Experience with our customized, user-friendly Learning Management System

The LMS gives you unparalleled flexibility to easily navigate and access learning resources, course materials, video presentations and coaching conversations. Also, we have specially produced short learning videos that capture the salient pointers making it very convenient for students to refresh their learning.

Here are some examples of the learning videos:

Module A Part 1: Defining Professional Coaching

Module A Part 2: Redefining Results

Module A Part 3: Thinking - Learning - Understanding

Module C Part 4: Create Foward Action

This is a recorded coaching conversation by Dr Ben Koh and it has been used as the learning activity. It helps students to grasp the difference between the "solution-ing", " bridging", "resolving" and  "learning" coaching mindset.

This premium online training program has redefined over the years offering you an effortless learning experience , even for students who have never taken online learning before.

an Interview with Fiona Deehan

The Online Training breaks the learning into " short, small, bite-size " is what Fiona Deeha has appreciated the most. 

an Interview with Queenie Liu

Queenie initially had reservations about attending the online Training and, all this has changed for her. 

an Interview with Andrew McMillan

Andrew appreciates the interaction with the participants from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and interests.

100% Dedicated to Your LEARNING JOURNEY

With almost 50 global faculty team members and hundreds of Student Mentor, we can keep an optimal faculty to student ratio of 1 to 10. This allows close supervision and at the same time providing you with many touchpoints to offer personal feedbacks and close interaction.