Recipe 1: Obsession

Recipe 1: Obsession

We had recently moved to a new location, and I came across a gym hall within 10 minutes of walking distance. I had made a resolution to start my gym training again, having stopped for almost three years.

It has been a month since I started training. As I recall, resuming the training was not only tough but also discouraging! I used to be able to push 60kg on the Push-Up bar but now I could only manage with 20kg. After 30 minutes, my body was tired, I lost concentration, and I wanted to throw in the towel completely. However, I did not give up, but continued to press on. I went back to the gym three times a week for the first week, and then increased it to four times from the second week onwards. Now, I cannot help but go back for training every day.

Why? I enjoy the feeling of pushing myself, especially when I do not feel like it but tell myself, “I must not GIVE UP. I MUST continue and I WILL MEET IT”. And when I accomplished it, I felt a deeper satisfaction within me. One motivation that keeps me going during this intensive month of body conditioning is the posters on the wall of the gym hall. These are posters of hard-core body-builders. Their determination and discipline to build up their muscles always amazes me. They have such strong will power. They are all motivated by one common goal – to build up their muscles to achieve that well-defined body. It is a lot of hard work.

And this is the kind of mental muscle that we need to develop if we want to experience success in our life. The body builders are prepared to sweat it out in order to achieve their goal. Everyday, they look at the mirror to assess their progress. Like what most people will describe them, ” They are simply obsessed with their body! “.

Are you ‘simply obsessed with achieving the success you want’? Are you obsessed enough to do or give up anything that will help you to achieve your goals? Vast majority of people dream of their success but they are NOT prepared to pay the price. They are simply building castles in the air. Life does not give you what you want, but what you deserve.  When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, you will find a way to get it.

Do you really want to experience success in your life? Add this ingredient in your success recipeObession.