44th Cohort - Tauranga

What did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed Ben. He is a very distinct charater. I really enjoyed his prespective on things. I enjoyed the activities also - awesome ways to anchor concepts.

The interactiveness of the training and the people at the training. Zelda De Villiers I Director


What were your key learning?

The impact of positive psychology, the new way of conversing, the importance of patience in a conversation, but most of all the exciting concept of allowing others to work their own situations out with positive guidance - catching the essence is a practice worth learning. Pip McCarroll

How important the connection, process and the way you ask the questions are. The skill lies in identifying the really important issues that the client hints at and then to dive deeper. Zelda De Villiers I Director


How would you describe the training to someone else? 

Like no other training seen in New Zealand.  Designed to excite, expand and challenge you. 

A truly holistic approach that is thought provoking and extremely powerful! Shirley-Marie Coffin. Director of TE ONEWA

All encompassing, challenging, motivating outlook on life, a must do. Pip McCarroll.

A broadening of the mind and the ability to influence change for the positive. Rod Way I Business Adviser of Advant Business