32nd Cohort Nov 2014


Testimonies from the Participants

I came to this workshop thinking that it will be a 4 days of remembering appropriate questions that can be used for coaching. The Master Trainer - Ben surprised me with his energetic and authensity in delivering the simple and yet powerful, profound Awareness-Clarity-Choice Framework in such a fun and effective learnig atmosphere. I am truly transformed and believe that I can also inspire positive change in other people moving forward from here.

I have gained muuchmore in-depth knowledge about what professional coaching is and what coaching process I can apply. I am fully convinced about the power of professional coaching - it can be impactful and inspiring. Now, I can apply this valuable learning in my workplace. I may not be able to gain this if not for this training and the way it has been structured that makes it so easy and fun to grasp such complex concept.

The Master Trainer - Ben is brilliant. He has developed and designed a simple and yet so powerful coaching process that is proven to work. And he is so generous to share his invaluable knowledge and experiences with all of us to support us to become thebest coaches. He enables others to use his ceiling as their floor. Personally, I have acquired the theoretical framework, concept and the handlers to coach and with the supervised practical coaching I can further hone my skills. I am inspired with this vision to become a Professional Coach.


22nd Cohort Nov 2013

Kenneth Kwan, Professional Trainer: " I enjoyed Ben's training and coming from a speaker and trainer's perspective, I must say that Ben has demonstrated value in his training. He was able to help all of us understand the value of coaching and masterfully using various ways to engage us in our learning. It was a great time of learning and I enjoyed myself a lot. "


Video Interview with the Participants




16th Cohort May 2013

Program Preview of the 4 Days Core Training

Video Interview with the Participants