Connecting with one another through Meaningful Conversation
Jan - Mar 2019: 3 Part Series of Learning Webinar
In our increasingly screen-based culture, we are in danger of losing the ability to be deeply present and engaged with others, and that’s a profound loss. Through a 3 parts series of learning webinar couple with a live demonstration, we want to offer practical suggestions to deepen our conversational capacities to evokes that which is deepest in us and gives us a chance to discover the new life that might emerge between us.
We explore the 3 natures of an impactful conversation namely (1) Purposeful Conversation, (2) Learning Conversation and (3) Reflective Conversation and examine how the ICF core competency, particularly establishing coaching agreement, presence, active listening and powerful asking is integrative to the process.
Having an impactful conversation is a learned skill.
You will learn how to move beyond the technique of conversation to focus on the heart-and-soul experience of intentional, authentic human connection. You will discover ways of enhancing and enriching your everyday exchanges to restore the art of conversation. Most importantly, you can turn every opportunity in a conversation into a learning moment.
Part 1: A Purposeful Conversation 
Presenter: Ben Koh, MCC
16 Jan 2019 @ 3.00PM Singapore I CLICK HERE to preview recorded session
22 Jan 2019 @ 8.30PM Singapore 
A conversation that delivers impact, first and foremost is a focused and directed conversation. We will explore ways to integrate the Focused Conversation Method developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) that helps people reflect through a series of question at four levels: objective, reflective, interpretative and decisional (ORID), to engage in a deeper, meaningful conversation.
Key Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the essential characteristic of ORID questions
  2. Explore the fundamental of establishing agreement
  3. Learn how to use the ORID to create a meaningful focus
Part 2: A Learning Conversation
19 Feb 2019 @ 3.00PM Singapore I CLICK HERE to Register OR 26 Feb 2019 @ 8.30PM Singapore I CLICK HERE to Register
Coaching works because it actively, intentionally, and consciously helps the individual integrate new practices over time. We will explore ways to engage in learning conversation as a contemplative practice and experience the freedom to unleash ourselves in playful and exciting ways, and with an openness to seeing ourselves differently, as more capable of authenticity.
Key Learning Objectives:
  1. Explore the fundamental of creating awareness as coaching competency
  2. Examine the role of learning and transformation
  3. Learn 3 principles to structure your inquiry that enables powerful learning
Part 3: A Reflective Conversation
6 Mar 2019 @ 3.00PM Singapore I CLICK HERE to Register OR 14 Mar 2019 @ 8.30PM Singapore I CLICK HERE to Register
Change begins from looking from the inside-out.  We will examine the competency of creating awareness in the context of reflective learning that enables one to deepen the awareness and harness the emerging understanding.
Key Learning Objectives:
  1. Examine the interconnectedness between presence and self-awareness
  2. Explore the role of presence to enable self-discovery and learning
  3. Learn 3 principles to nurture presence

Powerful coaching is inherently a reflective process that involves people gaining awareness on how they perceive their current situation and construct their meaning, and then uses this emerging understanding to create a new and empowering frame to guide future actions. Finally, here is your opportunity to listen in a live, real coaching session by Dr Ben Koh, MCC and the Founder of CMA. After the coaching conversation, you will have an opportunity to hear him break it down and talks about the coaching process. So, don't miss this learning opportunity.

29 Jan 2019 @ 8.30PM Singapore Live Coaching demonstration by Dr Ben Koh, MCC I CLICK HERE to Register
28 Feb 2019 @ 3.00PM Singapore Live Coaching Demonstration by Dr Ben Koh, MCC I CLICK HERE to Register
18 2019 @ 8.30PM Singapore Live Coaching Demonstration I CLICK HERE to Register


With nearly 20 years of experience as a Leadership Effectiveness and Transition Coach, Ben has brought the benefits of coaching to organizations helping leaders raise the bar on their performance and managing their success. He has been delivering C-Suite coaching services globally, for executives in leading corporations. Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he enables leaders to experience powerful shift in their thinking and empowers them to lead from an inside-out approach. He partners with his clients and inspire them deeply to use their innate capacity to excel in what matters most to them and enabling to flourish in their full leadership capacity. He engages them in deep and focus learning conversation that stimulate them to reflect critically, align their personal and work values and hold themselves accountable to their decision.



Here you find an archival of webinars we had hosted.

Aug 2018 - WHEN coaching does not work

Anyone who has been in the workforce over the last ten years is likely to have heard the word ‘coaching’ being used to describe the skills managers use to support staff. The term itself often ends up with a negative connotation for employees because they continue to manage and direct employees to problem solve for themselves rather than to think through the problem. This leads to employees being disillusioned with the concept of coaching as managers continue to do the thinking for them and control all aspects of their work whilst claiming they are ‘coaching’ them. In this webinar, Ben Koh, MCC will share insights on when coaching does not work and what are the pre-conditions for effective coaching engagement. Most importantly, you will learn practical tips on how to turn-around the situation.



Jul 2018 - Coaching High Performers

High-performers stand-out in any organisation. They consistently exceed expectations, achieve given goals and have a track record of job well done. Being a subject to constant high expectations, their standards raise with each achieved goal and even being far beyond average worker, we still demand improvements. High-performers do not mind the work. They do it properly and on time, yet ask yourself, does that work make them love our organisation, their jobs and themselves more? They also, as engaged employees, are more prompted to face a burnt-out being exposed to heavy workload, not necessarily aligned with their ambitions, personal values or desires. High-performers are very valuable to a firm, yet once we are able to help them discover high-potentials within, they will thrive.


May 2018 - Professional Coaching in service fo Learning

A coaching conversation is a special conversation. It is more than merely asking questions in order to help people find a solution. The late John Whitmore, who has been esteemed as the Father of Professional Coaching, has rightly pointed out that coaching is helping people to learn rather than teaching them. It is a co-creative process where people find the thinking space for reflection. In doing so, they gain a new understanding of their own experiences. This enables them to find new and innovative ways to take action and move forward. In this webinar, Dr Ben Koh and his global Faculty Team will answer the following questions: (1) How does one explain the proliferation of coaching in just the past ten years? (2) What are the key challenges with regard to the function and role of professional coaching today? (3) How can professional coaching add value to leadership development in corporate context?


Apr 2018 - Your Conversation Matters

There has been a remarkable shift in the business management to a more collaborative leadership. This is perhaps one of the most important people-skill, leaders will need today. It will transform the way they engage and connect with people. Dr Ben Koh - Founder of CMA shared the practice of inquiry and how it can transform your daily conversation into learning moment to heighten awareness and deepen the learning. Our globally delivered coach certification training program - Transformative Coaching is not only for those aspiring to become professional coaches but also for managers and executives wanting to develop a ‘Coaching Management Style’.


Aug 2017

Presented by Dr Ben Koh, Global Executive Coach - Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Transition Coach.

We know that sustainable performance comes when people internalize what is new, make it their own and participate fully in the improvement effort. But this is NOT what most people have in mind. They want an answer - turnkey solution. For strictly technical problems this might seem reasonable. Often we are dealing with human systems, and human systems are not amendable to technical solutions. Human systems are complex and require more than cause-and-effect solution. The resolution requires a change in thinking.

In this webinar, Ben will explain the science behind how an evocative coaching approach and how it surpasses conventional problem-solving and solution-creating approach in enabling change that is deep and sustainable.


Feb 2017 - The Next Frontier for Professional Coaching

Historically, coaching has been focused toward achieving improvement with respect to a specific behavioral performance. This involves promoting the development of that person's behavioral competence through careful observation and feedback and asking powerful question to stimulate critical thinking.

In recent years, the science of coaching has evolved and has expanded meaning. It goes beyond result optimization to achieve peak performance to guiding people towards deep learning. Impactful coaching that enable sustainable change is inherently a reflective process that involves people gaining awareness on how they regulate their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

In this webinar you will gain an insight on how coaching has evolved in the last 2 decades and how transformative coaching redefines what is Professional Coaching.




14 Apr 2016 - Understanding how Transformative Coaching brings you a greater results for your client




Aug 2015

Transformation comes from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answers. by Peter Block - author of the bestsellers "Stewardship & Flawless Consulting"

Too often when a discussion is dominated by question of “HOW” we risk overvaluing what is practical and doable and postpone the question of larger purpose. With the question “HOW” we risk aspiring to goals that are defined by our circumstance at the expense of purpose and intentions that arise from within ourselves. Great leaders who inspire others to take action start with “WHY” and not a “HOW” question.

This webinar will clearly explain why the conventional, directive “Telling” style that focus on addressing the situational context often lacks the power to effect change that is enduring. Most importantly, you will gain valuable and practical insights on how a transformative approach – evocative style that invoke learning is far more effective.


Coaching is a process that enable learning to occur by empowering people to think from a different perspective and to achieve more from the depth of their being, and this improving performance. In this webinar, Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach and an Engagement and Leadership Transformation Coach shared the key to create sustainable change is to encourage learning while doing the change. 


How coaching raise the bar of performance?

26 Sep 2013, 2030hrs Singapore Time

Coaching is the catch phase of corporate business in the 21st century. It is a powerful tool for developing employee performance. How exactly does it works? Most importantly, how can you integrate coaching as part of your managerial role to raise the bar of performance? In this month webinar, we offer you a solid foundation on what performance coaching is and how it can be catalyst for performance improvement. We have invited leading professional coaches in Asia to share their valuable insights on how corporate managers can optimized the value of coaching for performance enhancement. Ben Koh, Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach will talk about the difference between Managing by directing to Leading by Coaching at the closing note.