Accreditation gives public recognition to training institutions that meet certain standards. It is as close as you can get to a guarantee that an institution will provide the quality of education it claims to offer. It assures the student that the institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, qualified trainers, adequate facilities and equipment, effective recruitment and admission policies, and advertises its courses truthfully. In short, accredited programs are those that have met specific standards.

Why is coaching accreditation important?

Over the last 7 years the coaching industry has grown at an incredible rate. More and more people are hiring Coaches to work with them on an ever-expanding range of issues. Now there are coach for almost anything for example, Career Coaches, Education Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Executive Coaches, Financial Coaches, Parenting Coaches and the list is never ending.

This growth combined with an increasing public awareness of coaching has resulted in higher demands for accredited training and certified coaches. Clients want to know when they employ a coach that they are not just employing someone calling themselves a coach, but that they are in fact employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

Does it actually matter?

Yes, accreditation matters. You are about to commit a significant amount of time, effort, and perhaps money to further your education and consequently your career as a Professional Coach. Accreditation will give you some guarantee that your money are not wasted and added advantages for attracting potential clients. Most important, you can apply for coaching credentials directly with International Coaching Federation.

We believe that accredited programs are a critical element in the growth and development of any profession, and perhaps more so with coaching. We see accreditation as vital in building the credibility for the training provider and for the profession itself.