Advance Training for Mastery Coaching 2021


This program is designed for advanced professional development. It will allow you to learn how the transformative moment unfolds and how to use it artfully to facilitate and guide a dynamic coaching process that invites, evokes, and embraces change. Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM), this 2nd Level of training expands your competencies to hold the creative space during the coaching process to create adaptive change.





Accelerate your coaching competency


The training blends our proprietary transformative coaching science with the ICF Core competency, enabling our coaches to deliver coaching at a very high level of PCC skillsets ready for MCC credential. Here is a snapshot of a coaching conversation demonstrated by our graduates. You can observe the fluidity of the conversation and quality of the coaching, focusing primarily on the "who" aspect of the client.



In-depth Exploration of the 2nd Layer Content

Having more practice at the Core Training does not necessarily guarantee acceleration because it merely reduces the imperfection.

You need to raise the learning bar to accelerate your competency and experience exponential growth.




Hear what our graduates shared about their learning experiences



We are committed to delivering the highest standard of training to support our coaches in acquiring coaching mastery.

Marc Anderon shared the learning has expanded his capacity to "see" his clients.
Romain Hanicot praised how the Advanced Training is well-structured to provide accelerated learning.
Parkson shared how the training has enhanced his "being-ness" as a coach and enabled him to trust his intuition. 
Dr Hee, who holds a doctoral degree in Education, is intrigued by applying transformative learning at the advanced level to create a shift in perspective.