A Premier Online Coaching Certification Program

approved by the ICF for 75 hours of coaching education

Transformational Coaching Program

A Science-Based Approach to Create Lasting Positive Change



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A Proven, Tested Methodology

What sets our coach training apart from the others in our industry is our science-based approach built on empirical research and practical fieldwork.

Through our global learning platform, you can expect to experience rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning and connect with our global faculty and coaches.

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Expanding Thinking Capacity to enable Deep & Sustainable Change

Our transformational approach focuses on deepened learning that results in gaining fresh perspectives.

It helps people to gain awareness and clarity on what is motivating them to engage or what is holding them back from acting boldly with intention.

Accelerated Learning Track

We have been delivering online training since 2011. 

Over the years, we have successfully created a well-structured online coach training that is truly interactive, engaging online coach training.

It is highly experiential with a strong focus on live coaching practice, discussion, and feedback from experienced credentialled coaches.

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  • Program Structure

    Accelerated Learning Tracks: 2 phases of learning within 16 weeks.

    Learning Lab: 15 sessions spanning over 8 weeks

    Practical Lab: 10 sessions spanning over 8 weeks

    Mentoring: 3 Individual sessions spanning over 8 weeks

    Each session is 2 hours delivered via the ZOOM Video Conference.

    All sessions are recorded, and you can preview them offline if you cannot attend the virtual class.

    You need to maintain 70% live attendance to meet the requirement for completion.

  • 1st Phase: Learning Lab
    • Our framework is an integrative approach blending the science of Positive Psychology, Human Psychology and advanced adult learning theories.
    • It can be applied to a wide range of coaching contexts, including executive coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching, life coaching and career coaching.

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  • 2nd Phase: Practical Lab
    • The greatest learning comes during the supervised practice session, which all participants have extensive hours of evaluated feedback.
    • The learning continues with the reflective learning segment. Here students listen to the conversation recording again, reflecting and reworking to see what they would readjust and do differently.
    • For the remainder of the program, they continue their learning through our interactive weekly continual enrichment learning.
    • This is then followed up with a one-on-one mentoring session. 
  • Training that Delivers Impact

    We understand that there is a need for endless practice to become a great coach.

    Our coach training program gives you an amazing opportunity to hone your skills under the proper supervision of professional coaches.

    Our transformative coaching can enhance your skills and awareness if you already offer professional coaching services.

    It is an evocative inside-out approach that expands people's thinking capacity to evoke greater awareness, clarity and understanding.

    It is based on many years of research and fieldwork and uses this body of knowledge to train people on how to enable a lasting change.

    The science of reflective inquiry is at the core of the transformational approach to create a decisive shift in perspective.


Expanded Delivery Options

We have offered this program monthly with virtual classroom learning in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit your busy schedule.

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Keen to Observe a Live Coaching Session or a Coaching Demonstration of the Skillset?


If you want to experience real-time the impact of our transformational approach, you are invited to join us in our real-live coaching session.

You will have a first-hand experience observing how a 30 mins conversation can create a decisive shift in the client's thinking to effect a positive change.

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    You can have a sneak preview of a recorded session.

    Here is what the clients shared about their experiences

    The client shared how the 30 mins coaching conversation had evoked greater awareness, clarity and understanding for her.

    The conversation provided the client with a fresh way of looking at his situation as he experienced a decisive shift in his thinking during the coaching conversation.

    The client shared his personal experience on how the transformative coaching conversation was different. 

Your preferred choice to complete your coach training

We know that developing mastery in coaching and acquiring the skills, attitudes and competencies necessary to become truly professional requires a demanding curriculum that moves a student beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts.

What makes our program truly transformative is that we go beyond skills and knowledge into the mastery of coaching.

It provides a quality layered learning process where our students go through a formative process where the coaching competencies are forged and refined.

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Global Learning Platform

Connect with coaches and leaders worldwide to develop your global coaching network for collaboration.n

Experience rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning that prepares and positions you as a global citizen

An opportunity to accumulate coaching experience andpay backk through our SAY Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization offering pro-bono coaching

Comprehensive Instructional Design

Accelerated learning with carefully designed Learning Lab, Practical Lab, Practicum, Peer to Peer Support and Coaching Supervision to develop your coaching competency.

Self-directed learning platform supported by our interactive Learning Management System (LMS) to manage progress, share and receive feedback.

Lifetime access to a library of invaluable learning resources, coaching tools and templates for business practice.

Continual Professional Development

Extensive post-training support through our monthly learning webinars and live coaching demonstrations

Become a part of an expanding international community of coaches and reach out to new students as a Student Mentor to support them in their learning journey.

Earn Continual Coach Education (CCE) units for your credential renewal through our strategic partnership with Asia Pacific Association of Coach (APAC).

Our Program Consultants,s who are ICF credentialed coaches,s are always available to speak with you.

Let us know how best we can support you in making an informed decision.

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